For tech startups looking to scale, marketing your product or service correctly can be full of make or break decisions.

Thankfully, there are good souls out there like our friend Pavel, who is a member at our Runway East London Bridge location and has been making waves as the Digital Marketing Lead from Zaggora. He’s here to lend his knowledge to us and shed some marketing wisdom.

We’ve summarised Pavel’s top 5 marketing tips for startups ready to grow – but check out the short video with Pavel below for more detailed explanations and best practices for each tip!

Find the Most Effective Channel

Is it YouTube? Twitter? Find the channel that gives you the best ROI and focus all your efforts into it in the beginning.

Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate!

Syndicate what you can from your main channel to other channels – “syndication is my motivation” – said someone, somewhere.

Earth to Automation

Ready to get automated? Save time on daily tasks and get a more efficient work flow when you set up ways to eliminate the pesky day-to-day to-dos.

Reuse and Recycle

There are many ways to adapt and change content in order to reuse and recycle it. It’s can be a waste if you’re not proactively sharing content that has taken a lot of time and effort to produce.

Trust the Data

In 2018, data fuels most marketing decisions. Got a great idea? Test it out first and trust data that will either support it or give it a reality check.


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