From the everyday essential to the plain obscure, there’s an app for everything these days. In 2014 we downloaded 75 Billion apps from the Apple App Store alone, according to Statista and, the number of new apps being developed continues to grow. So how many do we really need each day and which ones do we just download for fun? Here at Runway East we’ve asked around our coworking spaces and found the 5 most unusual and useful app picks.

1.Talk To Your Pet : Dog 2

You’ve watched Paddington Bear and seen how Mr Brown attempts to speak bear? So, now it’s your turn to talk dog. This hilarious app allows you to translate from English into dog speak by transforming your human sentence into barks, yowls and growls so that your pet thinks you speak the same language. Some of the reviews report having tested out saying, “ I love you “ in dog and got a positive response, ie a good face licking; others, trying out basic commands, not so. As yet, this little app is untested by us at Runway East but it’s probably best not to try it out for the first time in public….woof.


Whether you’re redesigning the kids’ bedrooms or planning a new kitchen, this clever app helps you bring your ideas to life. Right there on your mobile, you can photograph your room and then experiment with 3D models of products to see how they fit with your dimensions, light, windows and door positons etc. From light fittings, soft furnishings and cabinetry to small decorative details, you can get real style inspiration without setting foot out the front door. What’s more, there’s also a handy list of local tradespeople to try too. By our reckoning this is an app well worth trying out at least once, just think of the savings you could make and even if you never made it to the shops to buy, you get the satisfaction of seeing what your new room could look like and, even budget for it in the future. Here’s more interior design apps.


Can’t remember the first tooth or those intrepid first steps? Lifecake app is a video timeline of your child’s progress you can share online with other family members. So useful if family live the other side of the world or if you just want to keep a video diary online of your little one’s life journey. A beautiful app that allows you to keep all your memories in one place for the whole family to share without taking up loads of space on your Iphone. A simple but beautiful app. If you love photography you might also like these handy photography apps.

4.Fake Conversation

If you ever needed to end a first date quickly or get out of a meeting early, Fake Conversation allows you to receive a fake phone call on your mobile giving you the perfect excuse to depart toute suite. According to this Tech Republic app review, the programme uses a recorded voice with prompts and pauses for you to reply in the right places. Very convincing! Not unique but amusing, ever tried it? If you need a quick text sending too, there are literally hundreds of other texting apps like these here for android.


Stinking Bishop or creamy Camembert, this brilliant cheese app allows you to discover and view all kinds of cheeses from around the world – so useful if you’re planning a cheese course and have no idea where to start. Or, maybe you’re in a French restaurant with no idea what that cheese is causing quite a stench on the plate in front of you? Check out the photo and match it up to the brand of cheese, you can then even leave your own review or add your own cheese. Love this one, bon appetit!

Got a favourite app you use for fun? Tell us more here.

Featured Image: Stuart Miles


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