Can you tell us a little bit about Argent and the motivation behind your startup?


Argent is a mobile app for simply and safely using cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. It takes all the complexity out of crypto and opens it up to mainstream adoption.

Why did we start it? We saw that the existing internet had become dominated by a few tech giants and people had lost control of their digital lives. An alternative was emerging – the decentralised web (made of cryptocurrencies and blockchain apps) – but it was way too hard for most people to access. We wanted to fix this and help rethink our digital future.


Congrats on raising a USD 4 million seed round! How you plan to use the funding you have received to grow Argent?


Thanks, we are using this funding to build a stellar engineering and product team. We are focused on building the best product and the best UX in the crypto space. To achieve that, we have very complex technical challenges to solve around security, privacy and how to best abstract blockchain complexity.


Can you tell us a bit about your current investors and what you look for in a partnership with a VC?


We’re extremely fortunate to have the backers we do. This isn’t just because of their reputations but because they share our belief that we can change the internet for the better. Our investors include Index Ventures, Creandum, firstminute and Hummingbird, among others.

I’ve been lucky to work wirth Creandum before, as they backed my last startup, Peak, a brain training app. I definitely wanted to collaborate again. For the others, we looked for investors that shared our vision of enabling a new decentralised web and had experience working with  startups that have scaled globally.


What has the road been like on the way to funding? Can you tell us a bit about your highs and lows?


I think it made a difference that I’ve been through funding rounds in the past with other startups. I’ve also been able to build a network of investors by working on startups for several years.

In the process I hugely enjoyed the conversations with sharp investors asking probing questions about our vision and crypto. It’s fun when they’re as excited as us about the future.

Overall, things were pretty smooth; we have a very ambitious vision and a strong team that could execute which plays strongly in our favor.


Where do you see Argent 5 years from now in terms of impacting the world of cryptocurrency?


We expect Argent to be a core building block of the decentralised web’s infrastructure. People will be able to seamlessly interact with decentralised apps while staying in full control of their assets, identity and data.


If you could choose one superpower (related to tech), what would it be and why?


Being invisible to recruiters’ cold calls.

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