Nishul Saperia is the Founder of Beachfix, helping people find their ideal beach destination – fast and with confidence. He was co-founder of $5bn financial services firm Markit and is a member of Runway East Moorgate


What made you choose Runway East as your home for Beachfix when you were starting out?

Nishul Saperia: Community. That’s why I’m here, first, foremost. 

An example for you: we had a mixpanel issue and I messaged the community. My inbox filled up instantly with emails from other members – that’s a lot of time, effort and ergo money saved just by sending one email. 

Another great example is when we had some user testing to do on the website.  So many people came to help that they were queueing up! We had 10 people user test our website within hours of asking – and all of them were relevant users ie people who expressed interest in using a product like ours.  The feedback we got that day was really relevant and helpful.


How do the people you work with and recruit find Runway East?

Nishul Saperia: The first impression when people walk in here is: they’re impressed. I interviewed in here and people look around at this big open space you can see they’re impressed and the first impression is good. Maria from my team loves being here, she was super excited to move in because she already knew people.

The location is great; everyone finds it easy to get here and there’s loads of great food around – The Whitecross Market round the corner is fantastic.


What’s your overall impression of Runway East?

Nishul Saperia: I’ve worked in co-working spaces before without sociable people, and it’s not worth it; I may as well work in a coffee shop. I want to work in a sociable place, where people make eye contact with you when you walk past and say hello.  

I used to work in New York and that friendliness was absolutely normal, and moving back to London I didn’t find that environment until I came to Runway East.

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