Community Assistants keep things moving here at Runway East. We spoke to our newest Bristol recruit, Maisie, about what she does day-to-day

Maisie Wilson joined Runway East Bristol in April 2021 and is quickly making herself indispensable. We caught up with her to see what her job as Community Assistant entails.


My morning routine 


07:30: I’d love to say I’m a morning person but I’m pretty much a troll before 9:00AM…however, I’m lucky enough that my boyfriend is always up before me so he makes some coffee and coaxes me out of my lair. I live just off the Gloucester road in Bristol, so I’ll jump on the bus and listen to music on the way to work (Current album on repeat is Party by Aldous Harding).

08:30: Arriving at the office, I’ll say hey to my team and drink about a gallon of coffee before I get started. First task of the day is zooming around the building from top to bottom making sure everything is immaculate for our members. The idea is that everything is all set up so they only need to think about the important stuff; I’ll be making sure all the fridges are stocked, that the meeting rooms have enough pens etc.

10:00: Once I’ve done all my checks, I’ll open my laptop and see what needs doing. One of the really cool things about this job is that if there is an area that interests you or you want a challenge then you’ll always be given one. They have complete faith in you and give you the latitude to try new things. I’ve helped out the marketing team by writing blogs, I’ve joined our events committee, I’ve worked with the people team to do research…every day is different for me!


A Community Assistant’s guide to lunch


13:00: Oh boy, it’s time for St nicks market​​. I go there for lunch most days because A: all the food is delicious and B: I have no restraint. There’s everything from Moroccan to Japanese and they’re all local Bristolian businesses which is a plus! It’s also time for more coffee. I have a problem. 



14:00: After lunch, I’ll sit on reception for an hour so whoever is at reception can have a break. This is a guaranteed good time as I’ll be chilling with Keh, our security guard, who I’ve gotten really close to since starting. I’ll do some admin on my laptop which will probably be interrupted by Keh sending me into a fit of giggles.


Training and Professional Development for Community Assistants


15:00: Runway has a really strong culture around personal and professional development, so this afternoon our Sales Manager Kreena is over from the London office and is giving us ‘Tour Training’. This entails learning how to show prospective members around the sites. I’ve also got a bit of time to work on my projects for other departments and make sure the site is in tip top shape. 



Happy Hour


17:00: It’s Thursday, and that means getting ready for  Happy Hour drinks for our members in our cafe space!This is a great opportunity for the community to get together and the teams to mingle. 


18:00: Time to head on home.  I’ll usually get the bus but if I’m feeling funky I’ll get a voi for that sweet, sweet adrenaline rush. I’m a big fan of cooking so I like to stop at one of Gloucester Road’s independent supermarkets on the way home, see what fresh ingredients they have on sale and try to whip something up. I’ll then chill out in the garden and put a record on or binge-watch a series (I’m currently obsessed with ‘Succession’). I tend to be a bit of a night-owl so I’ll be up chilling with my housemates until about 1am.


Maisie Wilson is a Community Assistant for Runway East Bristol. 

Building maintenance, organising events, customer service, you name it: my job is a cocktail of all the elements needed for our members to have a great experience. Oh, I’m also the chief plant waterer which I take very seriously.”

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