Finding the right space for your company can be a daunting prospect given the sheer amount now on offer. However it need not be daunting. Using the right office broker or office search engine can reduce your stress levels – we’ve listed the best office space brokers for finding coworking space and office space in London.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that many of these platforms charge the space providers a commision fee of up to 10% of the total deal size for a 12 month tenancy – which can mean that your new office might be less inclined to take you on if you’ve come through as an enquiry on a broker platform vs having come through their website. On that note, here our all the spaces we run for startups in London so it doesn’t need to come to that!


Undoubtedly the go-to website to check for startup office space in either London or Manchester. They provide up to date listings on all the best coworking spaces and serviced offices, and include useful guides to essential building facilities. They also include a handy ‘neighbourhood guide’ with fun things to do in the area and commuting information for that office space.

Unique plus point: Focus on startups with options to search by desk

Visit their website.


Kontor is an ultra modern stylish broker that helps its clients find stylish workspaces around London. It has a particular focus on helping startups and scaleups and providing a personalised service (we’ve used Kontor in the past and can attest to their personal service for their clients). find their right place. It has been recognised as one of the Top 100 Startups in the UK in 2017 and awarded EG Offices Adviser of the Year 2017. They also have a journal well worth reading if you’re involved in a startup.

Unique plus point: Provide a personalised service

Visit their website.

Coworking London

Coworking London has over 200 listings in the capital on its website and over 5,000 members making it a comprehensive guide to finding coworking spaces in London. The listings provide up to date information on office spaces as well as an interesting feature that allows you to see how many people have viewed the listing, giving you an impression of the popularity of a space.

Unique plus point: Exclusive coworking focus

Visit their website.


Another broker with global reach, Workthere has experts monitoring office spaces in all cities booming with startups and coworking spaces. They are a part of real estate behemoth consultancy firm Savills, which gives them their platform and is part of Savill’s foray into giving companies of any size the resources and expertise they need to find an office space.

Unique plus point: Backed by Savills’ experience in negotiations

Visit their website.


This is global office space broker, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking any details on the London coworking scene. With as many listing as Coworking London and a filter section that allows you to search for specific office spaces, Desksnearme provides free listing space as well as the opportunity to browse international office spaces when you’re ready to work in the sun!

Unique plus point: Lots of companies with spare space list here

Visit their website. is another global coworking locator and it displays functions that allow you to filter the coworking spaces by nearby activities. It also has a useful feedback system to allow users to peruse the best rated spaces as well as a community curated selection of spaces. They have recently found spaces for tech giants such as Tesla and Uber.

Unique plus point: Filter by activities

Visit their website.

Instant Offices

With the ability to search and compare over 10,000 office spaces globally, Instant Offices provides a free to use service with agents on hand to help you negotiate the best deal for you and your company. There are a range of offices from coworking and serviced spaces to choose from and Instant Offices lists some spaces that you might not find on other brokerage websites.

Unique plus point: Huge range of spaces to search through

Visit their website.

Free Office Finder

Free Office Finder gives you a quick solution to finding commercial space for your business, free of charge! Specialising in Serviced, Managed & Co-working spaces for rent, their broker facility allows them to handpick the perfect solution for you, based on your requirements and preferences. Free Office Finder understands the importance of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, making it an awesome solution for tech startups.

Unique plus point: properties are hand-picked for you to showcase diversity and high quality – tailored to your needs.

Visit their website.



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