Tell us a bit about Fundstack and why you chose to join the team?


Fundstack, put simply, builds software for investment management. I’ve worked in a similar space before and wanted to continue growing in a fast-paced environment with a motivating team. Working in an early stage company allows you to make a big impact in a million small ways.


What made Fundstack choose Soho as the area to grow in?


Is it ok if I say the lunch options? But really, it’s close to a lot of our favourite users and we found a pretty great office space to hold us.


What is important to you when it comes to company culture?


Trust and teamwork. I’m never more productive than when I feel trusted to do what I do best, take care of our customers, in any way I see fit. Yet nothing makes me enjoy work more than a true sense of teamwork. I like being involved in as many aspects of the company as possible and having an understanding of everything going on. No job is too big, or too small. There’s an exceptional feeling of purpose that comes with a tight team.


If you could have one superpower – what would it be and why?


Teleportation, hands down. The ability to pick up a book in rainy London and hop over to a treehouse in the Amazon to read my book on a lazy Sunday afternoon is something I wish for often.


What has been the hardest part of your startup journey thus far?


Integrating into established small teams can be intimidating, especially when you’re the first hire for your space. I’m lucky to have joined such a welcoming and fun team. Just about two weeks in and I feel comfortable enough to drop Cardi B references.

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