Daniel Murray (centre) is Cofounder of Grabble, who work out of our Runway East Shoreditch location. They’re a mobile-focused, fashion content company, bringing an unbeatable combination of editorial and commerce to its users. Before turning his talents to tech Dan worked in advertising, where he honed his ability to transform potential into profit.


What makes Runway East right for Grabble?


Daniel Murray, Grabble: For starters the location is awesome. When you want to recruit great talent you need a location which is easy to get to and you guys supply that in spades. Moorgate is two minutes away, Liverpool Street five, Old Street five; it’s great for bringing people together from all corners of London.


It’s also just an incredible space which is really well maintained. During the Grabble journey we’ve been in a number of co-working spaces, and when we got to Runway East…it’s a mile ahead of everywhere else. The Runway East team is super friendly, the space is amazing and well maintained. I’d bring investors here without hesitation, which is more than I can say for other spaces I’ve been in.


Have you found the community has helped?


Daniel Murray, Grabble: Yes. Immeasurably. There’s a great sense of camaraderie between the founders here which I think comes from us having shared aims but very divergent skills and backgrounds. It makes for a great mix where you can get amazing opinions from incredibly well qualified people, and it costs you nothing but the willingness to do the same when asked.


As for our team, they get a lot out of your events program. Some of them go to the exercise classes, some to the educational and networking events. There’s loads covered for people at all levels, which I think is great.


What’s your favourite thing about Runway East?
Daniel Murray, Grabble: Community lunch. Everyone sits down together, breaks bread and kick starts that Friday feeling. The food is also usually a lot better than bread.

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