Runway East London Bridge members Hack Partners visited by BBC and Associated Press to hear all about intelligent social distancing tech 


Runway East London Bridge has been the centre of some hot media attention thanks to one of our brand new members, Hack Partners, who has developed a social-distancing app which uses Bluetooth signals to alert someone when a colleague is too close.


Used by Network Rail, the app – named Mind The Gap – was designed by the start-up to keep employees safe at work. Network Rail staff now use the app widely, and it’s being rolled out to other companies. Both the BBC and the Associated Press visited Hack Partners to learn more about how the app works and what’s next for the startup. 


We caught up with the founder and CEO, River Tamoor Baig, at Ground Control to see what it’s been like for the company since hitting the media. 


“It’s beyond amazing to see an organisation as prestigious as the BBC pick it up!” Baig says.


“We just want to help as many people as possible during this pandemic, so the BBC coverage has enabled us to get Mind The Gap in more people’s hands, which hopefully will create a safer environment for many others to work in.”


Hack Partners’ employee safety app reflects our attitudes at Runway East, to prioritise a safe working environment for our members and staff. To accommodate this, we have taken some space in the office where both flexible working and social distancing can be maintained at all times. One of the primary ways they are doing this is through our new Part-Time Office option that we are offering members, new and old.


Encouraging people that are looking to start working outside of their homes again after lockdown that it’s safe to come back to work, the solution also gives businesses the flexibility to do so on a part-time basis for a reduced price and part of a short-term commitment plan. This allows them to reduce operational costs by saving on monthly membership rates, all without feeling pressured to use their working space every day, yet still being able to bring the team together to brainstorm, collaborate and bond again.


The part-time office solution has been tailored for a new era of flexible working and means freelancers or businesses – both large and small – can share a private office space with another team on a timeshare basis while keeping costs down and team morale up. This is available for teams of 6-24 who want office access 2-3 days a week, and deep cleaning is carried out between use. All essentials are included from meeting rooms to caffeine on tap and access to team-boosting perks such as a weekly cake, Friday Inflight Drinks and a community of like-minded peers. 


Could our Part-Time Office membership be the solution you’ve been looking for?

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