In the world of startups, having a Co-Founder can be a major game changer. From added support and skill sets brought to the table to better overall decision making, having a partner in (not really) crime can be a great asset.


But how do you meet your match made in Co-Founder heaven?


Here at Runway East, we have plenty of companies that were co-founded. They’ve met each other in various ways and have different dynamics and styles of working together, but what they all have in common is that they are passionate about their mission and work tirelessly to see their product succeed. We asked a few of these cool cats about how they met each other and about their experiences taking on this journey together as opposed to running the show solo.


Stacy and Sam – Code Reg


Code Reg codifies financial legislation into machine executable rules – (AKA they take large values of data and figure out if they are compliant or not). We’re talking real-time risk assessment. Stacy and Sam met at Entrepreneurs First, which is a founders first startup accelerator for deep tech entrepreneurs. When going into the program Stacy and Sam had individual ideas for what they wanted to work on going into the realm of entrepreneurship but once they connected they built Code Reg as a way to work on something they both cared about while it still both being jointly theirs. Stacy said that them getting along but not quite being bestfriends made for the perfect founding relationship and having open communication is what made them thrive.


Ahmed and Ahmed – Knowledge Officer


Two men. One name. Millions of possibilities. How did they meet, you may ask? This happened while they were running together on a track. They kept bouncing ideas off each other while jogging along and then as soon as they finished and caught their breath, they jotted down some notes and agreed on the next steps to take to move forward with their ideas. This was 6 years ago and here they are, still working together now on their second startup as Co-Founders. Now they’re kicking butt with Knowledge Officer, a platform that builds personalised learning paths, helping people learn with purpose to achieve their career goals.


Jay and Hannah – Kiroku


Jay and Hannah also met through the Entrepreneur First programme but were not initially working together when they became friends. Jay was working with a different team when they started the program but the team seemed to be crumbling. Hannah, being the opportunistic entrepreneur that scored her a spot in EF’s competitive entry, took that as a chance to partner up with her fiend Jay. Snatch game strong.

She knew through their friendship that they worked well together and knew how his skills complemented hers. The moment Jay’s initial team decided to disband, she pitched her idea of them working together and the rest is history. Kiroku was born. Hannah had experience in the dental field and noticed how much time dentists had to carve out of their schedules to take and log their notes. Kiroku uses artificial intelligence to automate onboarding processes and reduce the time that dentists spend logging notes instead of tending to their patients.


Alastair and Luke – Flinder


To the public eye, Alastair and Luke of Flinder identified a gap in the accounting and consulting market and seized it to create their successful startup. But the longer story is a bit more rough around the edges. Alastair had the idea while on a holiday in the Caribbean a few years ago. As soon as he started to form a plan of action he immediately thought of Luke and sent him a text as he knew Luke would be the perfect person to partner with on this venture. They shared the same vision and values and then began to put more plans in place. They took the risk of handing in their notice at PwC where they had security, high salaries and a well-mapped out career, to take on this risky but exciting adventure. On day one, they had no clients, no revenue and no salary. However, fast forward 2 years and they’re a multiple award-winning accounting, consulting and data analytics business. You go, guys.


Alex and Tony – Faction Skis


Faction skis are one of the most popular ski brands in the world and have even been used by professional skiers everywhere. They’re legit stuff. Alex Hoye, also a Co-Founder at Runway East, came from a business background and has always loved to ski. The idea for Faction was almost inevitable. Alex met his cofounder, Tony, while they were on out grabbing a beer one day and got to talking. They began discussing the trends that they saw in the ski industry and their thoughts aligned perfectly. Alex and Tony saw that they could bring something new to ski making along with an unbreakable commitment to the quality of their skis. Tony had an amazing name for the company and was already having some skis made at a now defunct French factory. They decided to team up, throw in some cash and start their business. Now, Faction Skis is a multi-million pound company that has been growing continuously in recent years and is predicted to be worth £100 million in years to come. Talk about a chairlift to success.

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