Millennials have been taking the startup world by force for years now, and they have a lot to offer outside of their Netflix knowledge and passion for online shopping. They’re smart. They’re savvy. And we’re here to help you recruit them.

Many millennials have similar attributes and values that draw them towards startups. It could be the allure of seeing a business that they believe in evolve and grow, or it could be a learning experience for future startup ventures of their own. There are various tips that companies can use to appeal to the millennial workforce – we chatted with a few of our East London millennial members to find out why they wanted to work for a startup.

Ehab – cube19

“I wanted to be valued. Working for a larger, more established organisation you would lose a lot of your value. Secondly, the culture is somewhat comparable to being at university but with the added perk of getting paid for the pleasure.”

Alex – Whitespace 

“You get to work on projects you aren’t qualified for, haha. There is so much room to learn skills that you never thought you would get the opportunity to learn. I have been exposed to managing products and services that deal with matching founders of startup companies with larger corporations. This has given me amazing management skills and knowledge on higher level relations.”

Kelechi – Hurdle

“I didn’t really choose to work for one, it sort of just worked out that way for me. But I think it did because I was applying to a lot of larger organisations and wasn’t having any luck because they mostly focus on what’s down on paper. Anyway, this was the first startup I applied to and I got an interview. In the interview, my current employer was able to identify my passion, ethics and hardworking nature eventually creating a job role different to what I applied for and offering me the position. So with startups, you have a better opportunity at being noticed for what you’re good at, it offers great experience as you’re likely to work close to or at least see the managing partner daily. I’ve also been rising through the company as after 2 years I went from entry graduate to a manager, so the fact you’re seen and noticed grants you the credit you deserve.”

So…What’s Our Conclusion?

Millennials strive for a sense of achievement and belonging to something greater than themselves. They want a culture that allows them to have fun while getting their work done and actively making an impact in the company they work for. There are so many opportunities in startups to learn a plethora of skills that many people are not exposed to until much further in their career. To better attract millennials, startups should provide an open and honest culture with plenty of opportunities to learn new skills. The challenge without the harsh management styles of traditional companies is a huge magnet to the working millennial.

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