Quick facts

Founders: Jamie Bezencenet

Founded: 2017

Location: Runway East Moorgate

Website: View here

Pitch your company in one sentence.

We are a London based full-service video production company. We can help bring your message to life, from concept right through to completion, and ensure you get the best possible video, whatever your budget.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Pretty simply really. I turned a hobby that I love into something I get paid for!

What was your journey like to get where you are?

Circuitous! I was a stockbroker until 3 years ago, then I won a competition run by and was crowned ‘The Spontaneity Champion’, so I quit my job and travelled the world for a year producing content for them. I then moved to Canada for a season to become a ski instructor. Having returned from that I setup FOMO Studios!
When it’s all over, how do you want to be remembered?

As someone who enjoys a good pair of slacks and who is rarely late.

Where do you see your industry going?

Every business needs professional videos these days. There are lots of companies that create beautiful films, but the skill will increasingly become on understanding how they are implemented and tracked.

What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

My grandfather directed the 60’s B-Movie ‘Day of The Triffids’ in which a man-eating species of plant took over the country. The only survivors hid in a lighthouse so I’d probably try that.

What is unique about your business?

We strive to produce a quality of content that is usually associated to much larger budgets.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Be awesome to everyone you work with or for, as you never know when you might need them.

Which company (other than your own) do you admire and why?

Masterclass. They produce online video courses with A-listers on everything from cooking to acting. Their courses are beautifully crafted and filmed. My other company, The Expert Academy, is in the same space and would love to be able to attract such big-hitters!

Who is/was your first client?

Nonstopsnow was my first client. They hired me to produce weekly vlogs whilst on their ski instructor training course in Canada. I wish every job since had been so much fun!

In my spare time I like to…

Race motorbikes.

Go on transcontinental road trips in unsuitable vehicles.

What is your favourite quote?

‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ – Wayne Gretsky

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