Runway East has been up and running for 2 months now, so it’s about time we have a look inside to see how the ‘eCommerce of Things’ ecosystem is growing…
High above the streets of East London, London’s hardware entrepreneurs have found a community of likeminded individuals and teams, and created a home. Runway East opened it’s doors in September and since then we have become a thriving hub for what we like to call The ‘eCommerce of Things’

We are now home to over 20 companies, ranging from crowd funding platform Indigogo, Tech City UK – the publicly funded organisation focused on accelerating the growth of digital businesses in London and cities across the UK, to UK operations for freestyle ski manufacturers Faction Skis. One thing everyone has in common is the drive to move their companies forward and the buzz that created at Runway East provides the perfect environment to do so.

Our eCommerce of Things ecosystem has wasted no time in integrating with the larger tech community with the Space at Runway East already having played host to a multitude of industry events. From 200 people attending our launch party back in September, to events for Seedcamp, General Assembly to smaller sessions with industry-specific speakers aimed to inspire, Runway East has already become major hub in the community.

We put a huge emphasis on our residents not just working here, but being part of an ecosystem where people can encourage each other to accelerate and grow. It’s great to see so many teams here already collaborating, and exciting to think what the future might hold

Stayed tuned to find out more about events at Runway East, what our resident companies are upto, and how the ‘eCommerce of Things’ ecosystem is growing on the 9th floor.

There are still some limited desks available at Runway East, so if you are interested in joining our community contact or pop up for a coffee!

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