This month Oli May, COO of Runway East Moorgate member Streetbees, kindly took some time out of his day to chat to us about his company.


First things first: would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

100 duck sized horses. That’s actually a really good analogy for working in a startup because you’re battling these small things left right and centre.

Can you describe Streetbees in one sentence?

Streetbees is a marketplace for intelligence.

What does that mean, in more detail?

We’ve created a two sided marketplace – on one side you have brands interested in garnering information from their marketplaces, and on the other you have ordinary people around the world who provide this information. We act as an intermediary between these two, enabling our Bees (data collectors) to make money by picking up tasks through our smartphone app, and providing brands with quick, reliable and cost efficient rich media answers.

How many bees do you have?

Around 20,000 and we’ve delivered projects across five different continents.

When was Streetbees founded?

We started trading in January 2015

What inspired you to set up?

Tugce (CEO) was a Management Consultant and realised brands had a big problem in gathering data in a timely, cost efficient and reliable manner. Traditional players in the market might charge $100k to deliver a project researching something like marketshare in India, and take two to three months to complete it. We can do the same job for $20k and by the end of the week.

How long have you been at Runway East?

Since the start of January

How many employees did you start with and how many do you have now?

We started with two in January and we are now [October 2015] a team of 14

Would you say the Runway East community has helped you?

It definitely has, being around other successful startups means you gain lots of knowledge, particularly in areas you’re weak in. A good example is Facebook marketing – we didn’t have someone on our team with those skills but because we knew someone at Runway East with those skills we were able to get some incredible pointers which saved us loads of time.

You get the sense everyone wants one another to succeed and there’s a palpable practise of helping one another. There are many mistakes we would have made which we haven’t due to the advice of people here.

Why London?

Where else? All of our initial clients, big corporates, were right here, and the city is great.

Favourite thing about RWE?

Has to be the putting green.

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