RWE Shoreditch members Much Better Adventures have launched a new collection of travel experiences designed to support local organisations that are tackling social, economic or environmental causes.

Working exclusively with local hosts and guides, travellers are able to choose from missions such as delivering medical aid in the Amazon via horseback, supporting conservation of the Peruvian Rainforest or rafting rapids in Chile and helping protect the rivers against dams.

Co-founder Sam Bruce said, “We started this company on a mission to use travel as a force for good – too often it isn’t in this industry. While all our experiences directly support local economies, our Adventures for Good collection takes this philosophy one step further. These adventures are truly the gold standard, and we hope that that showcasing them to all our hosts will also encourage them to take on their own local mission.”

The travel startup has continued to support local causes and raise awareness since their launch. This year they also released ‘Adventures Not Dams’, a documentary that outlines the threats posed to Europe’s last wild river in Albania.

Keep up the good work guys! You can find the ‘Adventures for Good’ collection here or check out their video for the campaign.

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