March 23rd 2020 – a date that sticks in our minds across the UK, and something that disrupted our total way of life. Coronavirus; lockdown; social distancing; working from home. For Runway East, I’m sure you can imagine, it wasn’t what we wanted to hear as we love working as a team (we’re in coworking for a reason!)

We’re four months in now, and things seem to be settling. Shops are reopening, people are returning to work, and importantly, the virus cases are going down everyday. It feels like it’s time to start gearing up for the future and figuring out what that may look like for some of us, don’t you think?


Here’s the challenge 


Despite most people working from home, businesses still need productive employees, many of which have home environments that were never meant to be a place of work.

We know the way businesses will be using office space is going to change, so our biggest challenge at Runway East is to adapt to the needs of the people who make our offices so special (that’s you guys, by the way!)

We need to offer something current to our members and new customers that could fill the void between not wanting to take on an office full time, but still needing to see their team, keep their culture alive and return to a new normal – enter our newest offering, Office Timeshares.

Here at Runway East, an Office Timeshare is a way for two teams to share ownership of a private office. This typically would be one team for 3 days and another for 2 days. In between the teams, the office is deep cleaned as standard. Each desk comes with monitors and HDMI cables as well as lockable cabinets, so teams are welcome to leave their belongings, ready for when they return to the office the following week. 


Who would benefit from Office Timeshares?


A company who wants to move with the times

Times are changing, we can’t change this. With the combination of employees working from home, smaller teams, and even smaller budgets, businesses are having to rethink the way they use their office. We believe that team culture is the epicenter of great teams. This needs to stay alive, even though we’re all dispersed working from home. So instead of signing for a private office that you won’t use, share your office with another team! Keep your team’s culture going, keep productivity soaring, see each other face to face and connect with all our other awesome coworking members. 

Who wants to reduce costs, without sacrificing quality

Office timeshares are inexpensive in comparison to taking a private office. It allows teams to work from home, but still keep an office presence when needed. A registered address, discounted meeting rooms, community events and access to our exciting network of entrepreneurs.

Who has their employees safety at heart

Now, this is a very important point. Which is exactly why as part of your agreement, your office will be deep cleaned between teams as standard. That means your office is deep cleaned twice a week, so you can rest easy knowing that your team is able to work in a safe environment.

Who needs flexibility 

We never know what the future holds, but that’s especially true now with the threat of coronavirus. We get that. That’s why we only ask for a 6 month commitment from you. You can see for yourself if this is something that works for your team, and if it’s not you’re free to end the agreement, no questions asked.

Who won’t compromise

Although office timeshares may be the more cost effective alternative, we couldn’t let you sign an agreement without still including all the same Runway East perks, could we? So as part of the office timeshare you can expect; coffee on tap, cake on Wednesdays, Friday drinks, dogs on demand, and community events to keep your team inspired throughout the week. The list goes on!

If any of the points above sound like you, read more about our offering here, or alternatively book to chat to a member of the Runway East team about the nitty gritty, and get started with your new Timeshare Office. We can’t wait for you to join us!











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