OK, before you strap on a snorkel, we should clarify. Within Runway East, we’re constantly inspired by sharks – how they move, how they get shit done, and how they generally swan about being absolutely killer. What we’re saying here is not jump into the nearest sea. It’s thinking about how you can keep your team as motivated as a goddamn school of sharks.

Target what you want, and attack head on

This makes sense whether you’re taking aim at a delicious bit of tuna, or making sure your team’s at its absolute best. We make sure to be super clear about what values are most important to us, and reward actions that champion those values.

For example, in Runway East, our values boil down to the following:

Being Community First

Giving a Damn

Being Open

Being Entrepreneurial

And Shark Of The Week (yep, it’s a real thing we do) is an award given every week to a team member who has clearly smashed going above and beyond for any of our values. Clear-eyed, action focussed, no bullshit. Just seeing what you want, and getting it.

Moving fast, breaking stuff

You know there are species of sharks that never stop swimming? Though that’s not exactly what we recommend for our team, we can’t help but admire their determination. As far as we see it, it’s not about never stopping, it’s about joyfully throwing yourself into what you do, trying new things, testing new ideas and not being afraid to cause a little damage now and again.

We know that might seem obvious, but having a physical embodiment of that spirit (with a whole load of big teeth) really helps.

The ocean is a big place. You need a squad.

We know everyone says this, but we’re a fiercely loyal family. Whether we’re riding high, grappling with a new challenge or far too many sambucas in, we all know we’re part of the same team, on the same side, in the same pack. We’re all pulling in the same direction, and that keeps us focused, happy, confident and killer.

Reckon you might be a secret shark?

We’re always on the hunt for brilliant new members of our pack, if you think ours is the kind of ethos that suits you, take a look at our careers page and dive in.

Want to join our team? Check out our vacancies here.

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