Describe your podcast and the motivation behind it

Initially the motivation was that I moved to London and I felt like everyone my age was in this flux of feelings where we were supposed to know what’s going on but we didn’t. The premise of the podcast is to explore the sociopolitical and culture factors that affect how we as millenials grow up.

Describe the process of starting your podcast – what challenges have you run into?

A big challenge initially was my microphone – I purchased the Zoom H6 Handheld Recorder, a great piece of equipment, but I used it in my flat and had quite a bit of stereo sound coming through, which meant that the sound wasn’t ideal for listening.

Why did you choose Runway East’s Studio 3 to record your podcast in?

I have been here before, as a guest on someone else’s podcast. Your studio is very well priced. Some studios are upwards of £500! It’s important to note as well that I do need to be flexible with where I record because I’ve had guests on my podcast who I’ve had to travel to in order to record with them.  

On the technical side, what are some challenges you have faced?

Always remember to format your new SD card before you start recording! I forgot to once and the sound came out jumbled. Luckily, Audacity was able to fix it – but it took me hours.

You chat about topics from mental health to fashion to domestic abuse, how do you select your topics?

It’s the fact that I have autonomy to choose whatever I want to talk about it. When I was younger, I thought I might end up in journalism, but my fear was that I would have no free range to talk about what I wanted to talk about. My topics show the breadth and scope of things that affect us as multifaceted women in our day-to-day lives.

How do you market your podcast and what tips would you give for growing a podcast audience?

I’m fortunate that I had a strong Instagram following before I started my podcast. There was already a desire for more content that existed within my audience. Once my new episodes go live, I share them to my Instagram and other people share it as well.

I was doing a lot of fitness content and the podcast stopped me from being pigeon holed – it’s allowed me to create more of a holistic social media presence.

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