Charley is our wonderful and warm Community Assistant at our brand new London Bridge site. From the second a new team moves in, she’s immediately helping them succeed in the space from the second they lay their laptop down. Did we mention she was also part of the team tasked with perfecting the London Bridge site before members actually moved in? From getting everyone settled in to throwing a cheetah-licious Jungle Party this month – Charley herself really does make London Bridge feel like home. We’re chatting with her this week to see how things are goin’ down under (AKA: south of the river).


How have you been finding your time at Runway East?

My role itself has changed a lot and I’ve had to adapt to a lot of rapid change, but that keeps things interesting. I love our team so much, I feel so lucky to work with the people that I do. They are all so talented, clever and caring, I felt at home straight away.


How do you like the London Bridge location?

I love the location, Borough Market is my new favourite place! I’ve been to so many of the stalls there and there’s still so many left to try!


What is your favourite event thus far?

We haven’t had many yet as we’ve only been here a few months, our Jungle themed party was a success though and it was a lot of fun, even if there is evidence of Emma and I doing an interpretative dance towards the end.


Do you have a favourite place to chill in the London Bridge site?

Ground Control is my favourite part now that we have lots more members, its become a really fun social space but people also love working out here too. One team would be playing ping pong while another would be having a meeting!


What is the best stall in Borough Market?

The sourdough pizza place is amazing and so is the Pad Thai stall, but then the scotch egg stall is also so good … and the fresh pasta place… and the place with the AMAZING vegan brownies – you would never know that they’re vegan. Basically all of it.


If you had to choose between dogs in the office or in-flight Friday, what would you choose?

1000000000% dogs in the office. Nothing makes me happier than seeing dogs on a daily basis, beers don’t have the same effect.


Do you hug all delivery men or was it just one guy?

It was ONE TIME! He was hungry and I gave him a chocolate mini roll, so he gave me a hug. He’s a police officer now so I’ve made a useful friend.


Which teams really stand out to you?

That’s a really hard one because I feel like there are so many really lush people on each team! We’re so lucky with that here at London Bridge.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had so far as Community Assistant?

Helping out with opening the London Bridge site, that was a whole new experience to me and was extremely challenging getting everything together.


What’s the best bit of advice you would have for a new Community Assistant?

Be ready for anything, everyday is different. But try to enjoy it day to day because the teams we have are so much fun!

Interested in joining the incredible community at Runway East? Download the London Bridge brochure today to check out our swanky new digs!

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