It’s been an exciting start to the year for Runway East. With the London Bridge team and members settled in, it seemed the perfect time to bring our famous festivities to the new building with a jungle-themed celebration full of food, free drinks and enough foliage (and animal print) to make us feel like we were in the wild.

See our favourite snaps from the night below, as we all pressed pause on work for the evening and got to know each other a little better beyond the usual work chat…



‘After getting a barrage of foliage from our old Shoreditch office, we knew that the appropriate theme would be “Welcome to the Jungle”. I was in charge of our Jungle Juice cocktail (a secret recipe that fuelled the entire night) as well the food and party playlist.  It can be stressful wondering if people are going to like it or not, but seeing all the faces at the party, I’m confident I did a good job.’

Charley, London Bridge Community Assistant



‘I had an amazing time at the Jungle party at the London Bridge office. It’s always good to get together with people in the office you don’t get to speak to much. Also,I think we have started a Moorgate vs London Bridge table tennis tournament on the horizon as a result. The highlight of the night was when a member sat on the table and it collapsed and the Runway Team helped him up and cleared the table in record time.’

Gary, Spin Tennis


‘Once again, you crazy cats have thrown an epic party!! Our whole crew loved the jungle juice (can we add that to the Friday drinks trolley?) and general tropical vibes. A roaring success…’

Liam, Venue Scanner


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