Huge congratulations to our Runway East Moorgate member Winnow Solutions, who have just announced a $7.4m funding round co-led by Mustard Seed, D-Ax and Circularity Capital.

When we spoke to co-founder Kevin Duffy back in August, he told us that:

“Success at Winnow is having a meaningful global impact on the food waste problem. Our intention is to be able to deliver this product globally and reach a significant portion of all the commercial kitchens out there.”

The company, which is on a mission to give chefs better tools to prevent waste in the kitchen, has it’s hardware and software solution for commercial kitchens present in over 29 countries around the world, with clients including IKEA, AccorHotels and Carnival Cruises. With this latest funding round, we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Winnow.

Find out more about the Winnow Funding Round on UKTN, or visit Winnow’s website here.

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