The title says it all. Runway East took a trip to Alicante during a grey weekend in London to get some much needed sunshine and paella goodness. Amazing times were had, bubbly was popped, and the team became much closer in the process.

Generally speaking, we all know the startup community as a whole values team building as essential fuel for growing a healthy company – but this does not have to just be done in the office. Let’s break down some of our weekend activities in Spain (ay dios mio)!

Team Building Step 1 – Let’s Talk Values

Our values mean everything to us. On the train ride to the airport we discussed our company values and how we have seen them exemplified in our individual times at Runway East. We spoke about how we have seen others putting the community first, how the team has been entrepreneurial, where we have shown our openness and how we give a damn and are not afraid to show it. This gave us the opportunity to reflect on our time at Runway East and reminded us why we work so hard to provide startups with the best coworking space available.

After arriving in Alicante, we couldn’t wait to get out in the sun. 

(Disclaimer: there was tequila involved – we give members free In-Flight Friday drinks every week, it’s our turn)!

Team Building Step 2 – Improving the Current Product

We spent our Friday at a chill beachside bar having an impromptu pitch competition on how to create the best onboarding experience for our members (even on vacay we are working hard)! After all the pitches were done and the winner was crowned, we boarded the S.S. Drunkards and headed for our afternoon cruise. The boat ride was very calming and breezy and to top it all off, Gabe fell off the boat. Make sure you ask him about it when you see him around Runway East Soho

On our final day, we focused more on team bonding by doing what any sensible team would do…have an intense rap battle. What better way to bring a team together than to rip each other to shreds? (We kid). Our fiercest rapper who tore the opposition to pieces was none other than our very own marketing genius LaSonia (Sonia), as she served some serious disses to our trumped finance-eer, James. 

Just as predicted, this throw-down brought us to tears in laughter and was a pivotal time of new friendships being formed between all of our sites. We then headed out for a delicious paella dinner provided by the family of our awesome CEO, Natasha, and ended the night with a chill private beach bar event where we shared endless laughs as we prepared for our final sleep in Alicante. 

Team Building Step 3 – Applying Our New-Found Energy

This trip served every single purpose it was meant to and then some. Laughter, relaxation and time well spent as a team. Let’s be real, we’re all prepped for the next team trip already. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible! As we returned to the reality of our stride in becoming the best coworking space ever, we came back with fresh ideas for heightening our team culture and improving our community experience

We’re back from our getaway, stronger and more ready than ever to take on the future of coworking.

Buckle up.

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