Every Thursday evening, we hold a happy hour for our team, as well as our lovely members, to kick back after a long week and enjoy each others company at Hangar 58. We get to know each other and knock back a few beers and have a few laughs – classic coworking. Now, while you may think it’s always quite chill, there have been some wild nights. Hangar 58 is our cafe that also doubles as a bar during events, which comes in handy for our alcohol-related needs.


For your enjoyment, and because Hangar 58 hangs up the phone in late December (we’re crying on the inside and outside) here are a few short stories from our community about their favourite happy hour memories.


Azella – Brigad


“This particular happy hour was a lot quieter than the normal ones so I thought it would be a calm and quiet evening. Boy, was I in for a surprise. My team already went to happy hour and headed home but I had to work a bit later that evening so got downstairs quite late. Once down there, I had a few drinks with a couple other people from the building but eventually, the room died down to about 10 people. One group on the other side of the room took over the music and started playing some amazing tunes and all of a sudden we were all dancing together and having fun. I had never met the other people and it turned out that they were from the Featherstone building but they had such amazing energy and some killer dance moves. The night was very chill, but it was a very memorable night.”


Theo – Edgefolio


“Every Thursday is a fun-filled evening but I remember one Thursday in particular that was on a whole different level. One of my colleagues was leaving the company and we decided to have our leaving drinks in the Hangar instead of going to a local pub. This was a great decision on our part because it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun if we went somewhere else. The staff at Runway East and the rest of the members in the building are very warm and joined in our team’s send-off of my colleague. We all had a great night and my colleague promised to come back for more happy hours here.”


Rosie – The Eleven


“My funniest memory of happy hour was a recent one where I was hanging out with a few of the other members and some of the Runway team and we decided to go talk outside on the back patio. We were chatting and having a few drinks when I began telling a story about how I was asked to do some swimsuit modelling. While telling the story, I showed the group a picture of me in a swimsuit and as soon as I showed one of the girls the picture, she vomited a little bit. It turned out that, fortunately, it was not because of my picture, but that was still the funniest thing ever.”

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