Pictured: Runway East Bristol General Manager David, our founder Natasha, and Partnerships Manager India at Runway East Bristol’s member drinks.

In his first post as General Manager at Runway East Bristol, David shares with us the ups and downs of launching a startup space in Bristol (and losing the world cup, and….odd tattoos).


So it’s been a very buzzy couple of weeks here at Bristol’s new Runway East location, with over 100 members moving in to our new location and connections and community starting to be forged (helped with some local Bristol cider). 

The big news? Our first three companies – Yellow Dog, Hello Future and Dovu– have moved in!

With the whole building gearing up to be open by the end of September, we’ve already got the 3rd floor open and filling up, with over 50 members on day one and plenty of name learning to be done.

Although a bit soon for an official opening party, in all the excitement we thought we better celebrate their arrival by getting a few of our five-a-day in at The Apple, the cider boat just around the corner. There were about 60 of us in total, and the pics speak for themselves! Let’s just say last Friday was not a day of peak productivity.

The offices are coming together nicely, and with the arrival of former Runway East Shoreditch community manager (and now Runway East Bristol’s community manager) Adam, the space is already filling up with a selection of plants. We also launched our first Cake Wednesday with all the classics turning up – salted caramel cake, chocolate, and lemon drizzle… not to mention tea cakes, and even a vegan and gluten-free tiffin. It seems that while we make investor introductions and host events to help teams succeed, it’s still hard to beat cake on a Wednesday afternoon.

Pictured – the Yellow Dog team settling into their new office.

Speaking of food, we’ve also been discovering the local food culture (which Adam and I have decided is a very important part of the job for our members in the area).  

Just around the corner from us you have St Nick’s Market, a very popular place to go for lunch, with lots of tasty options that includes cheap and cheerful Sezchuan food, as well as a Turkish wrap stall that usually has a (thankfully, fast-moving) 30-person deep queue at peak times, for very good reason. We’re feeling confident members won’t be struggling to find good food.

So all in all, it’s been a hectic first two weeks at Runway East, meeting Bristol startups left, right and centre, helping our contractors stay on track and welcoming our new members and teammates in. Here’s to doing it all over again in week three.

*Possibly one of our contractor’s might mind a little bit considering his new tattoo… It will all come good next time! Maybe.

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