Our member Dan Murray, co-founder of Mobula and Grabble, has just called ‘IT’S A WRAP’ on the first season of his podcast ‘Secret Lives of Leaders’, and it’s one to listen to. Altogether he and Rich Martell interviewed 15 of the UK’s leading startup founders, advisors, and investors for the series. 

The final two episodes featured Sarah Wood, Co-Founder of Unruly and Simon Cook, founder of Draper Espirit VC.

If you haven’t listened to it yet – here are some reasons why you should:

The series featured:

1 Royal Prince

1 Knight


3 MBEs

8 metric tons of insights and lessons from the UK’s brightest minds*

……and it was recorded at Runway East Studios, in Runway East Shoreditch

*this is a nonscientific measurement

Where to listen to it

www.secretleaders.com – you can also listen on soundcloud  and iTunes where they’ve been in the Top 50 UK Podcasts

Our favourite episode

We almost chose Prince Andrew for the star factor, but in reality, it has to be Sarah Wood, who sold Unruly to News Corp for £114m, and now juggles being a lecturer at Cambridge, and still being CEO of Unruly. Beat that Andy.


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