Oliver May is COO of Streetbees, a market intelligence platform delivering on-the-ground consumer insights to the world’s leading brands. They work out of Runway East Moorgate


What does Runway East mean for your business?


Oliver May, Streetbees: For me the stand out value in Runway East is the community; the impact of the connections we’ve made here cannot be underestimated, and the value add to our business easily runs into the six figures.

A great example of that is a conversation over Friday night beers with someone from another company who was an expert in growth marketing; that turned into some preliminary training sessions with him, and now he’s an advisor to Streetbees. Without his skills we wouldn’t have the ability to execute on projects like one we just did in the US – building a community of 90,000 students in a six week period – in order to have done that cost effectively we’ve needed his knowledge on using Facebook efficiently. The impact of that one connection alone has been really significant to our business.


How do the people you work with and recruit find Runway East?


Oliver May, Streetbees: It’s night and day between *another co-working space* and Runway East. I was really embarrassed interviewing people there. If you can’t attract the right people you’re nothing, so it’s hugely important to be in such a nice environment where people want to work. The space here is so phenomenal that it’s easy to forget about it. When you’re hiring it;s definitely a selling point.


What’s your overall impression of Runway East?

Oliver May, Streetbees: My sense is that everyone is really happy here and that’s really important; it influences your work, influences your psychology inside and outside the space, it’s what makes sure you have a great weekend. When people work somewhere like this it lifts everything else.


Oli works from Runway East’s 200 member community in Moorgate. To find out about joining him, click below.

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