Rich Pleeth is the CEO of Sup, the Taylor Swift used app that makes it super easy to find your nearby friends, enabling everything from breakfast to beer pong. Previously he worked for Google, L’Oreal and was CMO of Gett taxi app. Rich is a member of Runway East Moorgate


What does Runway East mean for your business?


A supportive environment, and through that, productivity. Hiring is easier here because the location is great and people walk in here and instantly want to work here. My staff are happy here and that means that you see better outcomes in their work. They also have access to all the people in this space and that means when they have a question they don’t just ask me, which is helpful because I don’t always know the answer!


What made you choose Runway East?


Runway East obviously has a ‘wow’ factor, physically, but then so do lots of co-working spaces. What other places don’t have though is a proper community, where help is always a short walk or an email away. I’d heard that was the case with Runway East, and I wasn’t disappointed.


Can you give some examples of how the Runway East community has helped you out?
A lot to choose from! Everything from supporting our VOOM campaign to testing our product. I regularly receive emails from Runway East members who have tried the app out and have some recommendations, and that sort of feedback is invaluable.


Runway East in a word?



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