Who said HR is outdated? TEAMango has changed the scene. An experienced and innovative team of HR Professionals, they know how to help teams navigate the ups and downs of startup and tech life. From growing pains to recruitment – we’re diggin’ the approach by TEAMango, especially due to their people-first mentality.

TEAMango recently held a wellbeing workshop at our Bristol site and we got the scoop on how they do HR4Tech.


What’s the story behind TEAMango?


Our business is all about people, so we have always promoted wellness initiatives to improve team wellbeing. Our lives will inevitably come with stressful events and challenges. However, if we practice wellbeing, we can give ourselves the tools to manage those events. It’s really important to us that people enjoy what they do and are supported during the tough periods of their lives. TEAMango was founded in 2015 by Sarah. Disillusioned with reactive HR and Recruitment in the corporate world, Sarah had a passion to work with companies that truly put people at the heart of their business. Now a team of 12, TEAMango work with start-up and scaling tech companies in Bristol, London and Cardiff. Our mission is to ‘help people and companies to reach their full potential’.



You recently ran an awesome workshop at Runway East Bristol – what did it cover?


Our Consultant Kim Poole-Wright ran the workshop. Kim is a qualified counsellor with an MSc in Mental Health. The workshop involved looking at what wellbeing is and thinking about the components of our wellbeing. In particular, how aspects of our lives such as positive emotions and fulfilling work enthuse us and bring us a sense of purpose in our lives, all of which improve wellbeing and buffer stress. We also looked at stress and the body’s response to a stressful event via the HPA Axis and how long-term stress is damaging to our physical and mental health; potentially leading to burnout. Members learned that when stress goes up, wellbeing goes down. Members also learned how cognitions affect the way we feel, leading to a cycle of worry and anxiety. Negative thoughts and feelings affect our wellbeing.  Understanding what wellbeing is and what affects it should positively affect members’ satisfaction with their lives and reduce the impact of upsetting and stressful life and work demands.



We’re all striving to feel happier and healthier at work. What are some of your top tips?


Apart from understanding the psychology of our wellbeing, top tips for preventing burnout include:

  • Take time for holiday and rest days – don’t do work on these days or when sick
  • Do something purely for enjoyment
  • Try to set aside 2 nights a week for relaxing, socialising and exercise
  • Build positive relationships – good friends and family help build resilience
  • Recognise when things are overwhelming and get help
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle – get enough sleep, exercise regularly to boost serotonin, eat well
  • Take control of your projects by time management, triaging projects, time boxing and setting boundaries for when you will answer emails etc
  • Set goals and challenges in your work
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Practice mindfulness, meditation and forgiveness


You teach forgiveness as a tool/technique, can you explain why?


Forgiveness is a powerful tool to help improve emotional resilience and supports our wellbeing. Research indicates that practicing forgiveness has positive outcomes for mental health such as anxiety and depression. Further, anger and resentment have negative effects on our physical health, so these are very good reasons to include it. By allowing us to show empathy, kindness and understanding towards those who have hurt us and to ourselves, we are able to let go of negative thoughts and feelings, which may be holding us back from experiencing happiness.


What are some initiatives born from TEAMango?


We’ve been so lucky to work with tech companies that truly care about their team and agree with us that the wellbeing of the team is vital.  Ultimately their philosophy and values embed this approach and leadership teams live and breathe it. We’ve introduced several wellness initiatives such as manager training, coaching, confidence building, self-awareness profiles (C-Me), dealing with conflict, mindfulness, counselling, GP and private health services. Proactively supporting the team prevents lots of issues we’ve seen in established companies and is ultimately the right thing to do.



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