Each month here at Runway East, we’re putting a spotlight on one of our wonderful companies and asking them about their business, their working life and of course the standard of their Ping Pong skills!

For this month we spoke to our Runway East Shoreditch member Daniel Murray, Co-Founder and CMO of Grabble kindly took some time out of his day to chat to us about their business.

When was your company founded?


How many employees does Grabble currently have?

12 and quickly expanding!

What inspired you and Joel to set up Grabble?

Joel (Co-Founder at Grabble) and I had previously tried 2 other businesses that taught us various lessons. We found that the concept that really interested us was the amount of fashion entrepreneurs who had trouble marketing their products because they had no technical infrastructure to do so. So, we decided on a Mobile app to provide them with the audiences they needed.

How long have you been at Runway East?

6 beautiful months.

How has the collaborative nature of the community helped you or your business?

The collaborative nature of the Runway East community has been immensely helpful. Best place I’ve ever worked and most importantly it’s been really valuable for our colleagues. It’s given them the opportunity to learn new skills and meet interesting people that we couldn’t offer as a company ourselves. By being in a working-together space it’s given us the advantageous position where we can ask other people for tips and what they think of our product, which has been great.


East London is one of the startup capitals of the world. What would you say are the positive/negative implications of basing your company here as opposed to further a field?

Negative: The cost of employment is almost crippling, there is such a massive gap between the expectation of how far the money you raise will take you, compared to the reality of the cost of hiring talented people for your team.

Positive: But being in London makes it very easy to attract top talent, in general Runway East is an amazing place to bring new people in to see where you work. Its probably one of the reasons we secured the last 3 people we hired.

How do you see the London tech scene evolving in the next 1-2 years?

Moving further East unfortunately, good areas become so expensive, so the Tech industry will move on to new cheaper areas. A highlight and a negative of London is the cost, because it’s so expensive but at the same time that’s because it’s amazing.

How has the business changed since you started?

We were originally web based, but after some research, we took the decision to become a mobile business. As a result we’ve become mobile nerds and we’ve really found an opportunity to be vocal in our learning and we’re very fortunate to be a part of a new wave of East London mobile startups.

Do you think the E-Commerce bubble will burst?

No, the ecommerce bubble is still growing and will continue to.

What would you do differently if you were to start again?

So many things but the main thing I would do differently would be our starting location. I would of started somewhere like this. We started off in a private office in Moorgate and although it was amazing, we existed in a bubble. We had no-one immediately around to question and gain advice from. The Steve Blank approach is much harder, in the cultural set up of a private office.

What has been your most valuable lesson you’ve learnt since starting your business?

The importance of spending time with your team, as they make your company. So far, so good! No-one has left yet! But we spend a lot of time on the recruitment process to get the right people. We have a good cultural vibe with our employees and they appreciate what we do for them.

Do you think being in a working-together space has had a positive effect for your team?

Yes, 100%. Everyone loves it, even those on the team who were reluctant to leave our private space.

Would you say your ping pong skills improved?

I have to say the 1st month, I was awesome. Joel and I were the reigning champions for the 1st month. But I haven’t played for 2 months as we’ve been so busy!


Thanks so much to Dan from Grabble for taking the time to talk to us about Grabble and working-together life!

You can download the Grabble app here, and see our coworking locations here.

Next time we hear from the guys at RotaGeek!

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