We sat down with our awesome Community Events Manager Liam to get the latest on the Pitch Room, our vibey new podcast studio based in Soho.


Hey Liam. Man of the hour. How’s it going at Runway East Soho?

It’s going pretty damn good. I’ve been lucky enough to build and work alongside a wicked, diverse range of people at RWE Soho. The place is buzzin’ with now. There’s creative vibes in abundance!

Word on the street is there’s a new podcast studio in town.

There is indeed. The Pitch Room is open for business. Spike (our Expansion Manager/Master Sound Engineer) has lovingly converted a perfect space right into the heart of the building into a fully functional, acoustically-treated studio.

Be honest. How easy is it to use? (And will there be someone to help me if not?)

It’s a dream! Everything is set up and ready for anyone to jump right in. We run all the recordings through Logic and will provide user manuals for anyone needing some extra help. We also have me and the Community Manager on site who will be able to provide any further guidance if it’s needed.

Why is Runway East’s podcast studio the best option for recording a startup podcast?

I thought it was obvious?! Let me fill you in. Everyone at RWE has devoted themselves in creating an open and collaborative community across the UK. We are experts in knowing what a startup needs and when. We have spaces full of them! That means if you’re looking to get your teeth into a startup podcast, we know the field like the back of our hand. As well as this, our Soho space is located on Old Compton St in the heart of Soho, which means the beating, creative heart of London!

What are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to recording a podcast?


  1. This one is obvious but simple… Be interesting. Make sure it’s thoroughly planned, researched, and well thought out. Otherwise, it becomes an extended recording of you waffling!
  2. Take lots of water in there. You need to stay hydrated.
  3. Always be aware of the power of post-production. If you make a mistake or decide you don’t like part of it, just simply cut it and do it again.


  1. Don’t try and squeeze too much content in. It’s always good to be as specific as possible to give your listener maximum insight.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Challenge your listener or guest, put yourself out there and get your voice heard.
  3. Don’t write a script! This one is down to personal preference, but I always find that recordings come out slicker, more natural and funnier if you’re improvising.

Any sweet pods that have been recorded previously at Runway?

Yes indeed. My favourite startup-based one would have to be from the team at Secret Leaders. From Just Eat to Shazam, Dan and the gang have hosted an incredible number of successful Founders and CEO’s. Allowing us all to learn a little more about them, and of course have some pretty big names kicking around the building. Bring on series 3! Also Wheybox podcast has just been recorded and Instagram influencer Oenone is recording her newest series of Adulting as we speak.

Do tell – what’s on your personal listening list right now?

I’m massively into my music of all shapes and sizes, so have to stay up to date with new releases from my favourite artists, labels and DJs. I would say the NICE UP! Records podcasts (for lovers of dub, reggae, dancehall and beyond) is always essential listening for me.

Is the studio open to non-members as well?

It certainly is! We want anyone that has a passion that they want to share in sonic with the world. Be it startup-related, or lifestyle and beyond! It also helps if you have a dog – the Runway team can dog-sit whilst you do your thang.

Last but not least, how do we go about booking it?

All you need to do is get in touch with me is fill in this enquiry form here. I’ll get everything booked in for you, and will be there every step of the way with the setup, recording and producing.





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