With the world beginning to move to the next phase of unlockdown we wanted to find out how the past few months has affected peoples working habits and see how they envisage the “new normal” when it comes to the workplace. 

To gain insight we teamed up with Hubble HQ and the ICE List to survey 1,000 individuals from a variety of SMEs (94% employing sub 250 people and 72% employing less than 50 people). 

77% of respondents were London based and 65% were not c-level or founders. 

Prior to the coronavirus lockdown working from home wasn’t the norm for these individuals – with only 5% working from home every day. 

The majority of the individuals reported having a positive experience working from home over during this period. However, 75% reported disliking the lack of social interaction and 50% cited difficulties working as a remote team, such as; issues with communication, finding it harder to build relationships, harder to learn and challenges working collaboratively. 

When thinking about the future – 35% of respondents said they’d like to work from home 1 to 2 days per week, 36% said they’d like to work from home 3 or more days a week but only 14% said they’d want to work from home every day. 35% said that they’d like to have access to a coworking space more than once per week and 45% said they missed having access to meeting rooms.  

It goes without saying that there is still a lot of figuring out for the world to do as we begin our way out the other side, but what seems clear to us is that when it comes to work, social interactions and flexibility are more important than ever. 

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