2015 saw more than just fashion hit the catwalks, from Google Glass, the innovative head mounted

technology to smart watches that can organise your working week from your wrist; wearable

technology is hot right now and we’ve started to see many of our coworking members start to use it: here’s five reasons for you to wear yours with pride.

1.Get Fitter

With a smart watch you can say au revoir to your personal trainer! Fitness trackers allow you to stay

fit and healthy by monitoring daily activity levels. Not only does this encourage us to get up out the

office chair and take the stairs, it also means we can feel good about the small bits of exercise we

accumulate throughout the course of the day. The latest smart watch models offer an even lighter,

more streamlined way to track your physical activity. Fit Bit are one of the most popular arm worn

fitness trackers on the market right now and they’re available in a variety of funky colours and

functions to fit in with every fitness regime. These clever devices can track your heart rate and even

check how many hours sleep you’re getting each night. The price is good (RRP from £65.00) with

battery life around 7-10 days before you have to recharge. So, if you consider what you get for your

money, they’re a useful bit of kit. Want one? So do we.

2.Stay Connected

Techradar.com recently trialled a number of Android Tech Watches and have drawn up this

comprehensive list of android watches currently available on the market. There are so many! So, it’s

not just IPhone with desirable smart watches on the market, many others are also jumping onboard

with androids offering a whole host of services from the smart watch. While you won’t be able to run

your entire empire from your wrist, you will be able to check emails, notifications on social media

and use the voice command to respond. Handy if you are travelling and don’t want to keep on

getting your phone out to check your notifications or work out what the vibration is signalling. From

Samsung to LG and Pebble and Alcatel, there’s a smart watch to keep you connected by almost all of

your favourite tech brands. Here’s Forbes’ favourite smart watches for 2015.


Image: mindthehorizon.com

3.Work Smarter

Do you still keep a paper diary? Fewer and fewer of us do. Emails, texts, calendars and alarms; you

can pretty much receive the same information on your watch as your Iphone or Ipad. Most smart

watches will give you a gentle tap to let you know you have a pending appointment or email arriving

in your inbox. That should save hunting around for your A4 diary and save you some space in your

briefcase too. Smart Watch models vary as do their apps and functions but you can pretty much

expect the same as you do on your regular android or Iphone.

According to this article by The Economist on wearable tech, this freedom to work in a more mobile

promises to make us super-efficient in the long run with the price of the average smart watch being a

reasonable cost to the employer. That said, the technology systems needed to link employees via

internal systems on their smart watches is far too expensive for most companies to consider so the

jury’s somewhat out for the time being on how popular they will actually be. However, the new trend

for wearable tech does mean that we can stay connected longer which in theory could prevent us

from having to travel to meetings when we could easily conduct them on facetime or skype from our

wrist watches while on the move.


Image: pinterest.com

4.Shop Easier

We know smart watches are really clever at helping us stay fit and arrive places on time but the trend

for paying with them is also on the up. With the new Apple Watch you can use Apple Pay to make

purchases by holding it near to a payment terminal and placing your finger print on the screen to

authorise payments. Read more about Apple Pay here.

5.A better work life balance

With Facebook and email updates on your wrist, plus fitness and sleep levels being recorded, there’s

no excuse for being late or disorganised from here on, is there? Well, it’s true that setting your watch

alarm to wake you does steer you away from sleeping in the same room as your Iphone, checking

your facebook notifications in the middle of the night or cruising on Youtube to nod off to sleep. But

will the latest generation of smart watches actually give you a better work life balance? According to

CNN Money, the real key to achieving a good work life balance is bosses allowing you to work

remotely in the first place. Any technology that allows you to do that is going to be a bonus.

Owning a smart watch could be a great thing, it’s also yet another piece of technology you’ve got to

remember to charge – the life on the some, according to this Apple watch review is just one day. But,

if that’s less time spent cooped up in the office and more time doing what you enjoy then surely

wearable tech is a positive move for flexible working in the future. What do you think?

Will you be buying a smart watch? Tell us more here.



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