Right now, Bristol is a seriously exciting place to set up camp. Clinching 2nd place in the Startup Cities index 2017 (just losing out to Edinburgh, bad luck lads), and with nearly 3000 startups launching in 2016 alone, it’s a blossoming hotbed of innovation and creative collaboration.

With entrepreneurs flocking to the city (a smart bet considering how much more affordable it is than London) and plenty of accelerators, incubators and workspaces all hosting the leading companies of tomorrow, there’s no lack of exciting young teams to get involved with. So where do you start?

Techspark jobs board

If you’re looking to take on a full-time role in a technical, engineering or UX role, this is a great jumping off point.  The majority of the roles on offer are perfect for developers and engineers, all based in Bristol and Bath, and because it’s free to post there’s always a lot of new opportunities to take a look at.

Extras: A great, in-depth blog section frequently updated, with all you need to know from the local and global tech news, as well as an events section dedicated to the latest in tech.

Do I need to sign up? Nope

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Bristol Calling

With a good mix of technical, creative, entry and high-level jobs, and in-depth exploration of the companies they showcase, Bristol Calling is a solid port of call regardless of what kind of role you’re looking for. It’s also a good source of tips for Bristol living, stories of local startups and cheerful championing of the city.

Extras: Proper bios of local startups looking to take on new staff, so you can get a sense of the culture before you apply, plus nice things to do in the area.

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A no-nonsense jobs listing site that rather refreshingly puts advertised salary and equity front and centre for every job.

You create a profile, filter by city (in this case we’re guessing it’s Bristol) and register interest in a role, and the company has a good look at your experience before asking you to apply. What’s good is it cuts out pointless applications, and makes sure you know a company is already interested in you when you’re contacting them.

Extras: Literally nothing. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing?

Do I need to sign up? Yes, you need to create an Angelist profile for applying for any jobs. But it’s quick, easy and you can even use Twitter or Facebook to do it, if you’d prefer,

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Work In Startups

A solid hub of startup jobs, not exclusive to Bristol but with a growing Bristol section – salary at the forefront and clear, easy to navigate sections. The only issue is that they stick all their promoted jobs (invariably all based in London) at the top of the page regardless of what location you choose, so you’ll have to do a small amount of scrolling to get past them first.

Extras? None that we can see, though the ‘is this job ad fake? Report it!’ at the bottom of every page is a little unnerving

Do I need to sign up? Yep, you need to create a free account.

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So look, Gumtree is always in our hearts, always in our thoughts when we’re on the hunt for a second-hand sofa with a strange burn on one side, but for job hunting… not so much. The fact is, there are some jobs on Gumtree, but it’s such a pain to filter through, find ones that suit you and get any sense of the role itself that to be honest, having tried it ourselves we don’t recommend it.


Obviously all of the places listed above have Twitter accounts you can follow, which will push jobs that suit you direct to your feed, but if you’re a bit savvier you can get first look at the roles you want in companies you love. Follow the founders you want to get in with, check out the feeds of startups you’re impressed by and see what they’re on the hunt for before recruiters get involved.

Also, checking in on a few sensible hashtags #bristoljobs #jobsinbristol #bristoltech or simply searching ‘bristol jobs’ or bristol startup jobs’ throws up a lot of startups in Bristol posting for jobs – uncovering plenty more companies that you might never have come across otherwise.

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