complimentary day pass

Experience life at Runway East

We know a lot of people have given up their office, either temporarily or maybe you’re thinking permanently.

Wherever your company is at right now, chances are you’re missing the joy of being together, so this is a chance to spend a whole day together, to brainstorm, to bond, to plan and to grin at one other from a respectful distance.

  • Join our community of tech entrepreneurs and start ups for the day


  • Our awesome community team will be onsite to help you throughout your stay


  • An opportunity to meet with our Membership team to talk you through our new flexible membership options


  • Afternoon beers or cake to see off the day!


  • A private office, a pass for the day and your team all in one place

Hear from our members, Flinder, who are using our new Part Time Office Shares to get their team back together again, safely

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