Day Pass Membership

From £19.50 + VAT per person per day

Join Runway East with our day pass membership, and connect with our community of co-working members. Enjoy the benefits of an office but without the commitment. Pay for the days you need and nothing more!

  • Have access to people on the same journey as you – while keeping costs lean
  • Flexible agreements – book a desk when you like, for as long as you like
  • All-inclusive terms – supportive staff, endless tea and coffee, fast wi-fi and 24-7 building acces



Free Meeting Rooms

Inflight Drinks

Startup & Digital Community

Breakout Spaces

Cake on a Wednesday

Unique Events

Superfast Internet

Dogs on Demand

Partner Toolkit worth up to $15k

“The networking events at Runway East are a great perk for hot-deskers, from investor introductions to happy hours and pub quizzes. The connections you will make here are limitless.”

Lewis Quick

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Huggg

“Runway East is hands down the best place for small startups looking to grow. We’re surrounded by exciting teams and the diverse relationships we’ve built here are helping drive the business forward.”

Paul Wiseall

UK Managing Director,

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