Startup Founders Tips for Starting Out: The Highs and Lows of Year One
11th May 2016 Jacob Fisher

Lessons Learned: Members of Runway East Share Their Stories

Startup founders in Runway East Moorgate share their highs and lows from their first year, and tell us the most important tips they learned in the process.


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Tugce, CEO of Streetbees a platform delivering on-the-ground intelligence and consumer insights to the world’s leading brands.

First year high point

When we started developing the tech infrastructure and we met “the one” to do it. I very vividly remember the moment Alex who now leads our technology accepted our offer and moved to London to help us build the world’s one and only intelligence platform. A real high.

First year low point
I remember working on a pitch for three and half weeks for one of our larger
clients. We took a cab to the pitch, and accidentally went to Tonbridge instead
of Weybridge. We were one hour late to the meeting! That was a real low moment, but both of those projects worked out well in the end.

Lesson learned
Never doubt your intuition.




James, CEO of Street Stream, delivering same-day on demand couriers in London and beyond. 

First year high point

Has to be getting a review like this:  “Absolutely amazing company – customer service to die for and totally reliable. Ditch your current courier and go for these guys! They’ll be the new Uber”.

First year low point  
That would have to be the early days of bug testing – so much banging my head on the table.

Lesson learned  
Surround yourself with good people and learn to delegate.





Rich, CEO of Sup, the Taylor Swift used app enabling you to interact and stay in touch with friends when they’re nearby.

First year high point
When we had investors calling us saying “yes we’re in”, it’s awesome, they loved the idea they loved my co-founder/CTO Alex and I, they wanted to invest in our future.


First year low point
Launching the product and realising that we had a ton of bugs and we needed to really concentrate on fixing them all rather than adding the awesome new features we wanted.

Lesson learned
You have to be 100% committed. Make sure you are having fun what you’re doing, you love and respect your team, your co-founder becomes your best friend and you need to trust them and take a bullet for them if needed.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAe0AAAAJDBkYTlmZmZkLWYwNjAtNDA2NS04YmQxLWYyNzY5NTRlNzUzZQ (1)Tariq, CEO of Drinki, a free app that provides users with their first drink on the house, every night, in over 100 cocktail bars and pubs throughout London.

First year high point
Being out at a bar and noticing someone using Drinki in real life. Suddenly you realise that, even in a small way, you’re a factor in someone’s life and that’s an amazing feeling.

Low point

When the app begins to crash, that’s probably the worst. The stress of trying to fix that quickly – it’s incomparable.

Lesson learned
As a founder you’re hit by problems all the time and you’ve got responsibility for the overall picture – if you’re not able to bounce back from problems quickly then this probably isn’t for you.

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