Member Toolkit

Member toolkit

Every Runway East member gets access to a range of great benefits.

Helping you Grow

As a member, you don't just get a great space. We give you the tools to help you grow your business and keep your teams happier.

Access AWS Activate

As an AWS Participating Organisation, members can get up to $5,000 in AWS promotional credits.

Fee-Free Stripe Processing

Access to fee-free processing, workshops and priority support with payment platform Stripe.

Huge Hubspot Discounts

90% off for eligible seed-stage and 50% off for eligible Series A startups.

Exclusive Seedlegals Access

Runway East members get exclusive access to the legal platform Seedlegals.

OOH Advertising Discounts

Members get access to data & insight, creative execution and investment-matched out-of-home advertising.

Exclusive Seedrs Crowdfunding Rates

Get exclusive access and rates with crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

Free Airtable Credits

All teams get access to $2k free credits on database-platform Airtable, including existing Airtable customers.

Get a tour

The best way to get a feel for our spaces is to get a free tour. We may even throw in drinks.


How does your pricing work?

We price most of our memberships on desks, or the equivalent number of desks within an office.

How flexible are the length of the agreements and notice periods?

Standard pricing for private offices is based on 12-month fixed terms, with an option to extend the contract at the end. However, we know startups need flexibility. We also offer rolling 2, 6 or 9 month notice periods on slightly different pricing - ask us for more details.

Are there any hidden fees we should be aware of?

All options come fully furnished with desks and chairs and fully serviced; all broadband, utilities, printing, tea, coffee, water etc are included in your price. The only additional fees would be if you requested that we customised your office with break out furniture, branding etc, or if you went over the very generous meeting room coins.

What are the membership criteria?

Any business or individual can join, but we do make sure that they’re aligned with the casual and relaxed atmosphere of our sites. Very formal, quiet businesses may not find us best suited to their needs!

How does the meeting room system work?

Subject to location, teams are assigned monthly credits for meeting rooms that are relative to their size. If you go over your allotted credits (which is rare), we charge the following: for small meeting rooms (up to 7 people) = £10/hour, and large meeting rooms (7+ people) = £20/hour.