Our Covid-19 Policy

We’ve adapted our spaces to make them a safe place for our members wishing to return to the office.

How we’ve helped our members 

  • Two days after the lockdown was announced in March, we proactively contacted all our members offering reductions, passing on over £350k per month in cost savings.
  • We engaged Colliers on behalf of our members to try and claim them the original SBRR grants, and successfully lobbied the government with others to get the top up Local Authority Discretionary Grant Fun.

  • We have continued to listen and provide as much support as possible to our members, their businesses and ensure that they have a safe environment for work. This includes small things, like creating a template ‘Covid Secure’ risk assessment.

We’re finding our place within the new era of co working, by continuing to support our members anyway we can. One thing we’ve learnt as a startup over the years is that crises drive innovation and we’re excited to tackle a new way of working with our members.


Or, download the pdf here


Office Modifications 


As the way we work has changed you may want to modify your office to comply with social distancing and we can help. These may vary from anything between signage and setting up transfer zones to a full desk reconfiguration – we can do the lot. Email your General Manager who can help with office modification enquiries. 

We will continue to review and amend the policies and procedures in place to reflect government guidelines and building occupancy levels. As ever we always welcome your feedback and suggestions and are here to help you navigate COVID-19. 


Runway East Community 


Our community is what makes Runway East so special, and we cannot wait to have you back. Cake Wednesday will be delivered to you or placed in the kitchen on your floor and Happy Hour will soon be returning with some restrictions in place. 

We will be exploring new ways to hold events and keep the community connected so keep your eyes peeled and stay in touch on slack. Join and chat to your fellow community here.




We know you are busier than ever, despite the pandemic, which is why we continue to provide you access to your office 24/7. We have made a few adjustments to our team shifts and will be operating core member support hours on site Monday-Friday 9am- 4pm except public and bank holidays. 

However you plan on getting to the office, we will be ready for you when you arrive, alcohol gel at the ready in reception as you enter the building. 

You will notice a few changes throughout the building and that starts at reception. Screens have been installed on the reception desk to separate staff and visitors. Oneway systems are in operation to ease congestion and maintain social distancing. Directional signage and Social distancing markers are in place to guide you through reception to your office. 

Those sites with lifts are operating them at reduced capacity of 1 or 2 people at a time. Please use the stairs and leave the lift for those who are less abled or traveling to the top floor.


Meeting Rooms


We expect you are all pro’s at virtual meetings now, but we’re sure you are dying to have a face to face meeting.

The capacity limit of meeting rooms and booths have been reduced. The new advised limits are displayed both on the door of the room and it is advised to use alternative seats and avoid sitting directly opposite someone whilst using the room. Web cameras have been installed in our larger meeting rooms to aid virtual meetings.

While we will be working to keep the space clean, more cleaning provisions are now in the meeting rooms to allow you to wipe down surfaces, equipment, pens and leave the room clean and tidy for the next person. 


Visitors & Guests

In line with government advice, we need to minimise physical meetings for now. Members are required to register external guests in advance and provide details to enable contact tracing.

We have added webcams to some meeting rooms to enable virtual meetings. Where visitors are essential, Community Assistants are facilitating contactless sign-in and monitoring people numbers in reception.

We have new policies, including requiring contractors to wear PPE, work out of hours where possible and ensure areas are sanitised before leaving.




Post, remember that? We have been keeping your post safe for you during lockdown and will help you get it to your office when you return. You will be able to collect your post from the usual place at your site at the new time of 2pm-3pm every day. We won’t be able to give you post outside of this time going forward. 

You will receive a notification of your parcel arrival as normal, when you come to collect your post, it will be placed in the transfer zone marked by the post room for you to collect. 

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 we ask members not to order personal deliveries to sites, such as ASOS and Amazon. 

Large deliveries should be booked in advance with your Community Manager and collected immediately.


Bike Storage


No doubt there will be an increase of people cycling to work, you will find access to the bike storage as usual, however you may notice a few changes, such as cleaning stations and colour coded racks at some sites. If you are new to cycling, speak to your community manager to arrange access. 

There will be a sanitation station near the bike racks.


Kitchen & breakout areas


Whilst we have increased the cleaning of high contact points, we also need the community to work together to help keep the space clean and safe. You can help in the following ways: 

  • Use one cup and plate for the day and put it in the dishwasher when you leave 
  • Bring in a ‘packed lunch’ to reduce food preparation time in the kitchen, it is likely to take a long time to purchase lunch out due to increased queuing. 
  • Clean up after yourself and wash your hands regularly 

Seating has been reduced in large break out areas, please try not to use the space for extended periods of time, to allow everyone the opportunity to use the space. 

There will be antibacterial spray in all break out spaces for you to clean down your area as well as hand sanitiser. 


Moving around the buildings


To help with social distancing we have put some one way systems in place, you will see these signs posted around the space. At some sites this includes different entrance and exit points into the building as well as preferred staircase directions to avoid congestion. 

Where one way systems are not possible, pass points have been marked to allow people to pass without getting too close and personal! 

Where possible we ask you to try to remain on your floors and in your offices to limit the number of people moving around the space at one time. 

Face coverings should be worn while moving through the space and in communal areas.




At our dog friendly sites we can’t wait to welcome back our furry friends but please ensure you keep them in your private office and on a lead in communal spaces. 

We have paused our dogs on demand service until further notice.



An increase in cleaning of high traffic areas and high contact surfaces has been implemented throughout the day. 

We encourage you to keep a clear desk policy, put all crockery in the dishwasher and wipe down your desks at the end of your day. The cleaning team will do a full desk clean every week.




There are general waste and recycling bins in the kitchens on every floor. We have increased the amount we empty these to avoid any build up. 

Should you have any larger boxes or waste, this will need to be broken down and left in your office clearly marked as rubbish for the cleaners to remove in the evening.


Aircon/Heating & Cooling


Our HVAC systems have been reviewed in line with guidance to ‘maximise’ fresh air in buildings and will be set to continue through the coming months. 

Air filters have been checked to be compatible with guidance and routine maintenance & checks will be ongoing.


Other things you can do to help reduce the spread 


  • Wearing PPE while traveling around the space and in communal areas 
  • Avoiding the use of high touch items, such as printers 
  • Adjusting your start and finish times so as to not travel in peak times 
  • Setting reminders to clean your hands 
  • Setting up transfer & cleaning zones to pass items in your office 
  • Having your own meeting room pens & equipment


Flexible Memberships


From day passes to part time office shares, we’ve worked hard on creating new memberships that will bridge the gap between not wanting to take an office full time, but still needing an office presence, for team well-being and face to face meetings.

If you want to discuss our memberships, book in a call now and have a chat with our team.

Hear from our members, Flinder, who took a part time office share with us


I think your level of care and support for all your tenants has been outstanding and excellent in every regard. You have all gone over and above what I think would have been required in supporting tenants as we navigate this most bizarre of time.

Stuart Campbell


All I can say is this is much appreciated. It’s a very generous and amazing that you are putting all of your members first in such a proactive way. The quick switch to scale back to break even is also quite applaudable.

Tom Taylor

Made Tech

One word… Outstanding!!! Of course I’m not going anywhere!

Congrats on such incredible work & effort in these unprecedented tough times. We’re all in this together

Raphael Crouan


I really appreciate the efforts the team have gone to and believe me this will be remembered.

Tushir Patel


This is amazing, thank you so much. Appreciate this work immensely so a big thank you from all of us at Tumelo.

Georgia Stewart


Thank you for your diligence in looking into the business rates grant for your Runway East tenants. It is commendable

Keith Turkington

Fluent Technology

Thank you for your continued support through these times. Runway East has gone over and beyond to help your members, and it’s so appreciated, as we and I’d think other members have a lot on their plates running their businesses through this crisis as it is!

Anne Jonsson


RWE has been a fantastic support through these times.

Alex Moyle

Recruiting Gym

RWE has done a really great job throughout this rapidly evolving situation and I would like to thank you and your team for the efforts, values and commitment.

Jon Ostler


We at Appnovation would like to thank you all for all that you have done for us since we’ve moved in, you have all made us feel very welcome!

Appno appreciate and are grateful for all your efforts on finding a way to help us in such difficult times

Salonie Jaghy


I have been with Runway East Moorgate for the past 2 years, having tried other co-working spaces in London, I’ve been consistently impressed with Runway East and its community.

In the runup to the COVID19 outbreak in the UK, the community team began implementing health and safety guidance, including providing hand sanitiser and signs to remind members to wash their hands more often. The Runway East team were open, transparent and responsive throughout the UK lockdown. As a long term member I was committed to supporting Runway East during the lockdown, however my revenue was hit due to the outbreak. As such I was grateful when they reduced fees for members due to the lower lockdown induced usage. This reduction in cost is indicative of its member first approach. Throughout the lockdown they have been in contact to ask what is important for us post lockdown in terms of social distancing, health and safety and post COVID19 expectations.

Donal Taylor

Taksu Digital

That’s a proper gesture. Appreciated and accepted

Russell Quirk

Properganda PR

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