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Our first flight

We (three entrepreneurs) started Runway East when we noticed that friendship, learning and connections flowed naturally whenever there was a group of technology entrepreneurs at a meal. Despite this, everyone worked at different workplaces, and though there were some ‘coworking’ places around, they had a mish mash of  freelancers, agencies and consultancies in them which meant community was more about selling to your coworkers than collaborating with them. So we set up a pop-up workspace that was exclusively designed for entrepreneurs building  high growth, scalable businesses – and we saw something unique happen. People bonded, people helped one another, connected one another with investment and help from their own networks, totally for free and without expectation of personal gain. From there we’ve seen it grow to three locations and over 700 people working and connecting in Runway East locations.

– Philipp, Natasha & Alex, founders of Runway East

Our Flight Code:

1) Understand the journey

We understand the challenges of building a startup; Runway East is designed for and by entrepreneurs, and we’ve seen and heard it all. We know there will be lows as well as highs on your company’s journey, and we’ve built a community and environment that supports you from champagne celebrations to 6am sprints.

2)  Love taken = Love given

In the immortal words of poet John, ‘the love you give is equal to the love you take’. The Runway East community is built on members helping one another for free, and explosive growth happening from that collaboration. Unlike others, at Runway East we don’t believe that ‘community = people you can sell to’. We believe ‘community = people to help and be helped by’

3) Success = watching you fly

Success for us is not about tying you in forever – it’s about helping give your company the environment, community and flexibility it needs to grow fast for as long as you need it.

4) Open skies

Openness with our members is core to our success. We’re constantly working to reinvent work for and and with our members, to make it more productive, more collaborative and more social. We keep listening as we keep improving.