Your startup. It’s lifting off. The wheels are turning, and the excitement is palpable. You’ve reached the crucial point where you are ready to fundraise, and an angel investor group might be your lucky break. But who do you reach out to?

Runway East has your back.

Angel groups are scattered throughout London, and we’ve compiled the top 20 that you need to keep an eye on – from investors focusing on green energy startups to larger all-encompassing investment groups, you’ve got access to a full range of angel investors who best suit your startup. If all works out, just promise you’ll join us in one of our coworking locations.

Quality control! We’ve checked and all of these groups have made investments within the last 18 months, as of October 2019.


Angel Academe


Focusing on women-founded tech startups, Angel Academe is not only an award-winning angel network that has invested in some incredible startups, but they also focus on expanding their network of female angel investors (men still included)! Angel Academe has made a total of 19 investments with 400+ investors, and with pitch events to helpful networking workshops – there is always plenty on at Angel Academe. 

Focus: Female-led tech startups and scaleups, with a focus on enterprise, B2B or SaaS solutions.

Typical investment: £150,000 – £1m

Portfolio highlights: Yoller, Nix and Kix, Enterprise Alumni


Cambridge Angels


A group of 60+ investors interested in startups and early-stage companies, Cambridge Angels are a highly successful angel group rooted in strong connections. With a wide range of expertise offered to the startups they fund, Cambridge Angels have made 80+ investments, giving wings (no pun intended) to dozens of startups.

Focus: ‘New tech ideas, rather than incremental enhancements to common products and services’.

Typical investment: £50,000 – £500,000

Portfolio highlights: Grapeshot, Alert Me, Cronto


Clearly Social Angels


Focusing on startups that want to make positive social change in the world, Clearly Social Angels are not only socially-conscious but also economically savvy, with 21 investments, 13 of them lead investments. A notable example being their £932K investment in former Runway East members, LiveSmart

Focus: Socially-conscious startups

Typical investment: £300,000 – £1.5M

Portfolio highlights: LiveSmart, Easy Peasy, Brighter World Energy


Mustard Seed


We promise we’re not biased (ok, perhaps slightly) but our Runway East members, Mustard Seed, believe in solving the greatest of societal ills, and we think that’s pretty great. With 18/25 lead investments, Mustard Seed invests in high-growth impact, and look for resilient visionaries. Every stage of their investment is backed by their ethos and principles: humility, integrity, empathy and paying it forward.

Focus: Fast-growing European ventures who also yield a social impact

Typical investment: up to £1M

Portfolio highlights: what3words, Winnow, Mush


24 Haymarket


A private network of seasoned investors and operators, 24 Haymarket make equity investments up to £5 million, giving entrepreneurs unique access to their countless connections. They pride themselves on their transparency in the negotiation process.

Focus: Healthcare, industrial, consumer, technology and media

Typical investment: £100,000 – £3.5M

Portfolio highlights: Spirable, Deliciously Ella, CyberOwl


Angels Den Funding


An online investment platform streamlining the relationship between early-stage startups and angel investors, Angels Den Funding uses AI to help select startups to work with, ensuring investors have access to companies that meet their standards. Did we mention frequent pitching events like their popular club sessions?

Focus: High-growth startups ranging from advertising to social impact. No defined sector criteria.

Typical investment: £50,000 – £1m

Portfolio highlights: Voxpopme, Mous, Vidsy


Angels in MedCity


With 16 investments made over the course of the last 5 years, Angels in the MedCity is a partnership between MedCity and Newable Private Investing, connecting business angels to investment opportunities in medtech.

Focus: Healthcare and life sciences

Typical investment: £100,000 – £1M

Portfolio highlights: Atelerix, DynamX Medical, Eagle Genomics




Supporting and investing in high-growth early-stage startups, Fig provides a pragmatic new approach to supporting companies through their early development and the process of securing investment. 

Focus: All sectors

Typical investment: £500,000 – £5M

Portfolio highlights: Mogoplus, Smart365, WatchMyCompetitor


Green Angel Syndicate


We love an eco-friendly syndicate. The only angel investment syndicate in the UK to specialise in the fight against climate change and global warming, Green Angel Syndicate was built to make investments in early stage tech, processes and installations in the Green Economy. 

Focus: Energy/sustainability startups

Typical investment: £250,000 – £500,000

Portfolio highlights: Smile Plastics, AirEx, BuyMeOnce


FSE Angel Investment


Aimed exclusively at active angel investors, FSE Angel Investment seek out investors who want to make investments in high-growth UK companies. Potential investment opportunities are shown to the FSE angels, who are usually self-made, high net worth individuals with extensive business and entrepreneurial experience.


Focus: All sectors, usually EIS-qualifying

Typical investment: £10,000 – £50,000

Portfolio highlights: Blood Analysis, Ex Cantibus Gaudium, Measure My Energy


Crowd for Angels


Pitches galore, Crowd for Angels is a regulated crowdfunding platform where investors can find the latest share, bond and digitalised asset investment opportunities in London. Established in 2014, Crowd for Angels prides themselves on being a leading crowdfunding platform, connecting startups with thousands of investors.


Focus: All sectors

Typical investment: Investors can go as little as £25 

Portfolio highlights: CZAPEK & Cie, Phenomenon One Communications Ltd, Predict the Six Limited




Geared towards the exciting and disruptive sectors that they understand best, Firestartr is eager to start some (entrepreneurial) fires in London, and with such an impressive roster already, they’re on the right trajectory. 


Focus: SaaS/cloud Infrastructure, Digital Media, FinTech, E-Commerce/Marketplaces

Typical investment: £300,000 – £2M

Portfolio highlights: AirTV, Citymapper, Baby2Body


Galvanise Capital


Providing investment for early-stage tech companies, Galvanise Capital prides themselves on guiding their portfolio businesses through their growth journey. Taking a holistic approach to the concept of investing, Galvanise Capital often invest their experience, contacts and insights. 


Focus: Martech, Adtech and data and analytics

Typical investment: £150,000 – £1M

Portfolio highlights: Phrasee, Adimo, Appsumer


Wild Blue Cohort


Wild Blue Cohort is a prominent angel investment group in West London, investing in businesses close to home that offer growth, scale, high returns and a benefit to local life. Wild Blue Cohort cover the Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster districts of London. 


Focus: All sectors

Typical investment: £150,000 – £1M

Portfolio highlights: Mayku, Trackener, Coconut


Angel Investment Network


Built in 2004, Angel Investment Network started as a means to give everyday entrepreneurs with incredible ideas access to seed funding. Fast forward almost 2 decades and the network has grown exponentially to a network of 219,484 investors and over 1m entrepreneurs.


Focus: From food tech to fintech, all startups welcome!

Typical investment: £10,000 – £10M

Portfolio highlights: Augnet, 28 Well Hung, PinPoint




Established in 1994 as one of the UK’s first business angel networks, OION stands for Oxford Investment Opportunity Network. They have a nationwide focus, considering any company with a strong vision for growth, and link high-growth startups with qualified investors.


Focus: Companies with a strong barrier to entry, often patented

Typical investment: £200,000 – £2M

Portfolio highlights: Learning with Experts, workhappy Limited, Sunntics Limited


The Startup Funding Club


An award-winning seed fund and angel investor club, The Startup Funding Club was founded in 2012 and is well-known throughout London for its tendency to invest in disruptive businesses across all sectors. Investing in over 30 startups, The Startup Funding Club created a unique model that allows angels to invest directly or through a portfolio approach.


Focus: All sectors 

Typical investment: £10,000 – £150,000

Portfolio highlights: Hiyacar, Screencloud, Stablepharma


Angel CoFund


Co-investing alongside syndicates of sector-smart angel investors, Angel CoFund is an active co-investment fund seeking to help fund and scale early-stage startups. Their hands-on investors know their sectors well, which lends valuable experience and knowledge to the startups they fund, helping them reach their full potential.


Focus: Most sectors

Typical investment: £100,000 – £1M

Portfolio highlights: Hopster, Adventoris, Ezbob


Cambridge Capital Group


With 25 investments up to £5M and 70+ investors, Cambridge Capital Group is one angel investment group to keep on your radar. CCG works closely with universities, incubators and angel networks to ‘source sophisticated deal flow’ for their members.


Focus: All sectors

Typical investment: £50,000 – £1M

Portfolio highlights: Bango, Daniolab, Sorex Sensors 


Craige Capital


Founded in 2010 and headquartered smack dab in the middle of London, Craige Capital takes pride in helping accelerate and build startups. With investments in over 30 companies, Craige Capital helps startups ‘realise their potential’. Could you be next? 


Focus: FinTech, big data, cyber security, regtech, SaaS, SME’s

Typical investment: Typically up to £500,000

Portfolio highlights: Seedrs, Azimo, Aire



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