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We help landlords transform their buildings into fully-serviced, flexible work spaces. Add value to your portfolio, delight your community and harness the new way of work.

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Minimum risk, maximum value

We don’t just create flexible workspace – we fill the space, we run the space, and we deliver for landlords and members alike.

It works because we enable property owners to offer attractive flexible working, while we take care of all the operations. Premium ERVs, unlocked building value, all underpinned by our years of expertise and experience.

Blue Skiesssss over Runway East London Bridge

Runway East London Bridge - Chapter House

Case Study – London

Runway East London Bridge

Landlord: Peer Group

Building: Chapter House, London Bridge SE1

Demise: 29,000 sqft

"Runway East has given us the opportunity to offer a top quality product in a building we have owned for over 30 years. Their straightforward approach to business is refreshing, and it’s reflected in their motivated and customer focused team. A real pleasure dealing with the whole team!”

Jonathan Dean – Property Director

Runway East Temple Meads - 101 Victoria St

Case Study – Bristol

Runway East Temple Meads

Landlord: LGIM

Building: 101 Victoria St, Bristol BS1

Demise: Initially 14,000 sqft, expanded to 35,000 sqft

“Runway East have exceeded our financial and operational goals, attracted high growth companies, and have been a fantastic addition to our portfolio. We would welcome the opportunity to partner with them on future projects”

Nick Wells – Senior Asset Manager

Runway East Aldgate East - The Hickman

Case Study – London

Runway East Aldgate East

Landlord: GPE

Building: 2 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1EW

Demise: 20,000 sqft

"We started with 25,000 square feet in London Bridge, and three years later we’re at 90,000 square feet under their partnership model - which tells its own story! Their unique mix of innovative thinking, sound financials and amazing customer experience make them a perfect partner."

Rob Russell-Smith - Senior Portfolio Manager

What we offer

10 Locations

We create great spaces in high growth, high energy locations

335,000 SQFT

We make flexible offices beautiful, useful and joyful, and the word spreads.

4,500 Members

We couldn’t be prouder of our community of over 4,500 members, who collectively have raised over £1bn in investor funding

21,873 cakes eaten

We go a little further than everyone else to bring joy to our tenants. And it shows. 

What we bring to the table

Trusted Reputation

For the last 9 years we’ve worked with some of the largest landlords in the UK: expanding their business, elevating their assets and galvanising their portfolios. We’re known for building flexible work spaces that companies love, with proven loyalty, growth and profit year on year.

Transparent Business

We’ve built our reputation on straight talking, fairness and open communication. Our partners get monthly updates, regular audits, and total transparency on all activity, so their knowledge and expertise grows alongside ours.

Spaces that flourish

We understand exactly what companies want today - new ways of working, flexible spaces, happy, joyful homes. We’re not interested in creating bland, boring locations, we only partner with places we know can thrive.

Sustainable Future

We’re committed to powering our sites with renewable energy, using recycled material wherever possible, and we’re working with xtonnes to reduce carbon emissions. We’re a certified B corp, and we get local charities into our spaces for free as often as we can. We’re passionate about building better, and we work with partners who feel the same.

Existing Landlord Partnerships

What to expect

Spaces that fit the new world of work

90% of employees today want flexibility where they work. Our spaces attract the best companies, increase occupancy and bring financial activity and energy to the area

Sustainable, Premium Returns

Our Joint Venture model of operating space returns a 30% premium to landlords, and is built to withstand the ups and downs of the market, delivering long term, premium returns for our partners.

Example 7 person office

Thrive in a new tenant market

70% of companies list flexible space as a top 3 desire. We take care of all the operations, allowing you to offer a premium service to a brand new market.

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