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Natasha Guerra Shares Her 2024 Office Predictions

Runway East

30th January 2024

The Flexible Space Association (Flexsa) shared Runway East CEO Natasha Guerra's predictions for the flexible office market in 2024. Predictions include offices getting smaller but nicer, the rise of high street co-working and greater transparency in carbon footprint reporting.

Natasha Guerra, Runway East CEO

Natasha concludes with the following thoughts:

"Whatever 2024 has in store, there’s no doubt that the traditional office model is on thedecline as companies and employees look forways to make their workplace work for them. With around a fifth of UK landlords currently reporting that flex makes up 10% of their office portfolios, the industry is presenting a clear response to this."

Whether it’s bringing the office closer to home, creating an office perfect for a hybrid lifestyle or making it simpler to track your sustainability goals, flexible offices are still at the forefront of this change."

You can read the full article here.