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Finsbury Park Pubs (C) Ewan Munro

Best pubs near Finsbury Park

Alex Whybrow

16th November 2021

Finsbury Park is quickly becoming one of the most desirable places to live, and work, in North London. It’s a place bursting at the seams with vibrancy and diversity, and is now seen by many as the go-to place for a night out.

This is an area that is packed full of great pubs, restaurants and bars, whether it's been one of those days when you are after a few pints with friends after work, or you just fancy a quick dinner on your way home or the perfect Sunday roast. Let us walk you through the best pubs in Finsbury Park - the worst kept secret in London.

The BlackStock

Located on the corner of Blackstock Road and Seven Sisters Road, just opposite Finsbury Park Station, The BlackStock is a great pub for a drink after work. It's quirky and cosy, with exposed brick and chic decor juxtaposed with a traditional bar and seating. You'll find a good selection of beers and a great wine list and, while they don't do food onsite, you can order Yard Sale Pizza to eat there - this is a game changer, trust me. They also play some great music, which really adds to the atmosphere.

It's location opposite the station makes it the perfect venue for a 'full stop' at the end of a day - a nice drink, maybe something to eat to unwind before you head home. Okay, maybe one more drink...

The World's End

Some pubs are drinking pubs and some, like The World's End, are doing pubs. Another pub on Blackstock Road, just the other side of Finsbury Park station, The World's End is a traditional, old fashioned pub, that's as lovely as it is lively.

There is always something fun going on here from live music nights, big screens showing live sport, poker nights and quiz nights, plus there are plenty of board games as well as table football to keep you entertained. With a good range of food on their extensive menu (try the Bombolone - an Italian filled doughnut, and thank me later), decent drinks, nice beer garden and friendly bar staff you can really settle in for the night here.

Just watch out for Arsenal fans on match days - it can get very busy with people wishing it was still 2004.

The WB Yeats N4

One of the great things about Finsbury Park is the sense of community that you get there; it feels like it's in its own little bubble in North London. No pub encapsulates this better than The WB Yeats N4, not too far away from the Park Theatre.

Yes, they have a well stocked bar, with a great selection of craft beers and real ales (and pour a great pint of Guinness), and yes they do have a reputation of making one of the best Sunday roasts in London, but it is the atmosphere that will keep you coming back. It just has that relaxed and friendly vibe of a local pub, which is difficult to cultivate in London pubs - the perfect place to unwind with friends.

Obviously, if you happen to be passing this pub on a Sunday afternoon, don't make any other plans for lunch...

White Lion

A quick trip over to Stroud Green Road now for a look at one of the more contemporary bars in Finsbury Park - White Lion.

This place has it all. There is plenty of seating, both inside and in their beer garden, an extensive food menu with reasonable prices, a great atmosphere generated by the incredibly helpful and friendly staff and a drinks menu catering for everyone, whether you just want a quick coffee or fancy trying one of their house infused spirits. They host live music and pub quizzes at the weekend, when it can get particularly busy.

It's a great place to meet, whether it's a friend for a few drinks or someone who has come to visit for business. They will even provide colouring-in materials to keep young children entertained if you find that you need a drink (and if you are with young children, you probably need a drink) - this is a venue that has something for everyone.

The Finsbury

A place to liven things up now, as we head further down Seven Sisters Road to the other side of Finsbury Park where we will find The Finsbury - the sort of place where you can really let your hair down after a busy week at work.

It's a huge venue, with plenty of seating inside as well as outside and a decent food menu with an extensive and absolutely delicious pizza selection. The bar staff are fun and lovely, and the drink selection is pretty good. It's the music, though, that really sets this place apart. This is a gig venue as much as it is a pub, and most nights of the week you will find something going on such as open-mic nights, comedy gigs and some of the hottest bands on the circuits.

It's a great pub on a day-to-day basis, but when there's a gig on, it really steps things up a notch.

The Faltering Fullback

We couldn't compile a list of the best pubs and bars in Finsbury Park without mentioning The Faltering Fullback - widely regarded as one of the best in London.

Tucked away on Perth Road, not far from Finsbury Park itself, this eclectic melting pot of a pub will have you captivated. It's an Irish bar that serves some of the best Thai food that we've tasted in London. It has a lively character with live music and a huge screen for sports but also a beautiful, almost magical outdoor area - three storeys of bamboo, flowers and trees. You'll need a map and compass to find your way back to your table. Spend a night here that you will not forget. And maybe a few that you can’t remember the next morning.

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