The best coffee shops to work from in Old Street

Rosie Stagg

1st April 2021

Where are the best coffee shops in Old Street where you can live by the credo – ‘let’s drink lots of coffee, and get lots of work done’? We’ve collated a few of our favourite spots in Old Street, where you can enjoy a great flat white, some of the finest roasts, and some even better alone time with you and your screen.


A couple of streets down from Old Street Station on Great Eastern Street is Attendant, a foliage-filled coffee shop with enough room for everyone to be working, but not so much you feel isolated from the rest of the world. With table service, you don’t need to stray from your screen until you’re finished, and their water top-ups throughout your visit are a nice touch for a coffee shop. They’ve also got an amazing lunchtime menu with legume and lentil salads, and our personal favourite, chimichurri chicken with avocado on toast.

Go for: The quiet time

Stay for: A quick bite to eat! (Everyone needs brain food)

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Ozone is one of the best roasters in London, hands down; their attention to detail and the light, nordic approach of their roasts means every bean is filled with notes of flavour. Fortunately, their shop is seconds from RWE’s Shoreditch coworking hub, and it’s one of our favourites to work in, have lunch in, or pop to on those coffee runs. With a cool, industrial interior and attentive staff willing to talk you through every process, Ozone is great for anyone with a penchant for good coffee.

Go for: The aeropress – it’s amazing. Full of juicy notes and even tastier when it’s cooled.
Stay for: The lamington cakes (an Australian staple that soldiers used to take to war – the chocolate and coconut coating keeps the sponge inside from going stale)

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Situated on the ground floor of the newly built White Collar Factory, Workshop’s new venue has large windows, an open plan layout, and lots of space to sit and work. Providing one of the best, if not the best, iced lattes in East London – shaken over ice; and a batch brew that alternates every few weeks from complex layers to juicy goodness, Workshop know what they’re doing. And being inside of White Collar, the majority of clientele are there to grab some caffeine and get to work.

Go for: The quiet space

Stay for: The iced latte

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Another RWE super-local, Lantana is the child of three Australians who missed all their home cafe comforts. Lantana is a casual and comfortable place that’s just as good for zoning out as it is for zoning in with your friends at the weekend. We recommend their cold brew, high-caffeinated bottled goodness alongside one of their breakfast muffins to kick your day into action at the shop.

Go for: The relaxed, chill spot
Stay for: When the kitchen switches from lunch to evening, and the bar comes into play!

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Have you tried coffee-while-coworking? It’s a popular practice, especially in London. Just 20 minutes down the road, our London Bridge site is worth the visit. There’s just something special about enjoying your favourite beverage surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and techies. Check out our fully-equipped Runway East Café in Borough Market to get going!

Go for: The connections you’ll make in the space, along with the top-notch coffee and noms
Stay for: A drink on the rooftop terrace which overlooks The Shard