10 best coffee shops in Oxford

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7th February 2023

Whether you’re popping to Oxford for a meeting or you work in the city of bookshops, bikes and brains, it’s always good to hear some coffee shop recommendations.

This list will ensure you have somewhere for your coffee fix, whether you’re staying in the city centre, exploring vibrant Cowley, or venturing to the timeless streets of North Oxford.

So, in no specific order, our favourite coffee shops in Oxford include…

1. Jericho Coffee Traders

If you know anything about Oxford coffee shops, you’ll know that Jericho Coffee Traders is one of the best-known in the city. Contrary to its name, it isn’t actually located in Jericho, but on the main High Street. 

This is definitely one to swing by if you’re visiting Oxford for the day or popping out for a coffee break, but bear in mind it might not be the best place to set up for a day of work. Well-known by tourists and locals alike, this cosy spot is a thriving hub.

2. GAIL’s Bakery

If you’re looking for delicious coffee along with some sweet treats in a bright, homey environment (with great WiFi), check out GAIL’s Bakery.

GAIL’s is also a popular coffee shop amongst locals, university staff and students. For the best chances of getting a table, go mid-week if you can.

Be warned — you might end up leaving with a loaf of bread or two!

3. Missing Bean — Turl Street

If you’ve never visited Missing Bean, you could be missing out. This cosy cafe has a great atmosphere for getting a bit of work done, meeting a friend for a catch up or reading a recently purchased book from one of Oxford’s many bookshops.

This joint is a top spot for ethically sourced and freshly roasted coffee.

And you might be interested to know… While their Turl Street cafe is their most central location, they also have coffee shops in East Oxford, Abingdon, Banbury and Botley.

4. Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen

If you’re craving a bit of space or need a large table, then Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen is a great bet. Located above a bike shop (and named accordingly), it’s a light, bright cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s ideal for casual team meetings or weekend brunches with friends.

5. Peloton Coffee

Another bike-themed coffee shop? Well, Oxford is the city of cycling! If you’re looking for a coffee shop in Cowley that’s more likely to have space than the city centre cafes, Peloton is a lovely laid-back establishment.

6. Mostro Coffee

Also on Cowley Road, keen workspace hunters will find Mostro Coffee tucked inside Truck record shop.

Whether you’re a music lover that wants to combine some work and sipping or in search of desk space, Mostro has a great reputation for superb coffee and strong WiFi.

If you’re happy to work to a soundtrack of nicely curated tracks, this could be the spot for you.

7. The Grand Cafe

If you’re an Oxford local, The Grand Cafe is a wonderful space to show that client you've been trying to impress. Likewise, it’s great to stop off at if you’re just there for the day, too.

This beautiful cafe may well be the oldest in England — it’s been around since 1650, according to Samuel Pepys’ diary. It’s a stunning spot if you’re in the market to treat the team to some afternoon tea or “high tea”. You’ll certainly leave feeling rather fancy.

8. Barefoot

Those strolling to North Oxford can enjoy a treat at Barefoot Bakery — home to some of the tastiest cakes around. With two sites in Oxford, this bakery and coffee shop is a treasure trove of exquisite pastries, freshly baked bread and UE wood-roasted coffee.

You’ll find Barefoot’s flagship in Jericho (with plenty of room to sit down), plus a tiny shop on one of the sweetest roads in the city, North Parade.

9. Society Cafe

Society Cafe has a few coffee shops around the UK, and they all have one common theme — they are comfortable and productive places to work.

Society is certainly doing something right. Its St. Michael’s cafe in Oxford has a great all-round vibe and a spacious, clean aesthetic.

10. Brew Coffee Shop Oxford

Last but not least — take a look at Brew, another North Oxford staple. This cafe is open seven days a week.

We love that this is usually a quiet spot in comparison to the cafes closer to the centre of town. They also take their coffee pretty seriously and sell some delicious speciality blends in-store.

Find your favourite coffee shop in Oxford

Whichever Oxford coffee shop you decide to explore — drink an extra one for us!