Looking for coworking space in Central London? Kings Cross might be your spot. (If it’s not – check out our Runway East coworking locations in Moorgate, Soho, or London Bridge)!

The last decade has been kind to Kings Cross, as many of the vacant industrial buildings have been repurposed into bars, restaurants, and coworking spaces, and the area has become a hotbed for culture, arts and wining and dining. What was once an area full of rundown factories and faded industry is now one of the most popular neighbourhoods in London. And a solid place to grow your startup. Let’s take a look at some of the best coworking spaces Kings Cross has to offer.






Located just a few steps from King’s Cross station, Workspott’s flagship location is equal parts business and fine dining. Get ready for the noms. At first glance, Workspott resembles more of an upscale restaurant and bar and is designed as a reflection of its high-class surroundings, but it’s also a bustling hub of activity. Perfect for those who enjoy their business with a side of pleasure, or those entertaining potential clients with a more refined taste.

The monthly prices are actually quite less severe than the pictures would suggest, but remember, nothing beyond the coffee comes for free. There are risks involved with working in the presence of such luxuries, someone somewhere once said. Give us a moment while we search for the exact quote…

Features include:

  • Menus for various dietary restrictions
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Day trials available for a discounted fee


Launch 22


Launch 22


For something a little more subdued and natural, take a look at Launch 22’s Kings Cross location (the other being in Poplar). Wide-open and with a focus on minimalism, Launch 22 is a great choice if you’re really trying to cut down on work time distractions. The tasteful floral installations breathe a fresh air into the space and stimulate a healthy working mind (essential human functions needed for startup growth).

Launch 22 is built on a foundation of community, and its Kings Cross location is a stunning example of that. Its large tables and lack of divisions make it easy to meet and talk to other coworkers. There’s no shortage of ways to unwind either with their video game system, table games, or casual beer hours. Launch 22 is a great option if you’re looking to focus whole-mindedly and maybe make some lasting business and personal relationships along the way. Since opening, they’ve been championed by the London coworking community.

Features include:

  • Free coffee
  • Kitchen to share
  • Pet-friendly
  • Open 8:30AM-8:00PM Monday to Friday


ARK Coworking



ARK Coworking was founded with the interests of its coworkers firmly in mind, as it provides both a personal area in which to work, a nurturing community and negotiable rates. What’s not to love? Furthermore, they are dedicated to giving back to their community through charitable donations to anti-poverty organizations. Now that’s a win-win.

ARK Coworking has a fairly no-frills approach to coworking space. You won’t find a restaurant with a three-page menu, or a trendy bar, but you will find plenty of space to work comfortably and at your own pace. Just a five-minute walk to Kings Cross station and across the street from Anytime Fitness, ARK presents a sustainable option for coworking, for both yourself and the community at large.

Features include:

  • Free coffee
  • Chill-out area
  • Kitchen to share
  • Open 9:00AM-6:00PM Monday to Friday


WeWork Kings Place


WeWork Kinds Place


Boasting vibrant colours and art installations against a backdrop of clean white walls, potted plants and an open floor plan, WeWork’s Kings Place location is absolutely stunning. The design’s approach is minimal, but never boring. Nothing is jarring and a supreme level of detail applied to all aspects of the construction can be sensed, but never seen.

Overlooking Regent’s Canal, WeWork’s Kings Place occupies one the most sought after neighbourhoods in the area. You can expect to be sharing a workplace with some of London’s best and brightest. However, this comes at a price. Given the nature of the facility and its location, expect to pay a higher monthly membership fee.

Features include:

  • Free coffee
  • Break-out area
  • Onsite events and Seminars


The Office Group (East Side)



As central as central can get. Located inside Kings Cross Underground station, it’s about a minute’s walk from the platform to your desk. No sense in even opening up your umbrella! 

In contrast to the historic brick that makes up the building’s outward facade, the interior of The Office Group is tastefully developed with light coloured hardwood, and gentle taupes. There’s also plenty of meeting rooms to go around if you need a presentation space. The common area has a couple of “focus booths” that are perfect for one-on-one discussions and phone calls.

Features include:

  • Kitchen and dining areas
  • Break out space
  • Monitored security system
  • Open 8:30AM-6:00PM Monday to Friday


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