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The Best Lunch Spots in Old Street

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3rd February 2023

The way we work is getting more creative and mindful and so should the way we spend our breaks. Nutritious food and relaxing pleasant experiences all add up to better work/life balance and increased productivity.

We've put together a guide of some of the best lunch spots in Old Street that embrace the culture, great atmosphere, and good food, without costing a fortune. These are all pretty close to our showstopper Shoreditch site. Finish off lunch with Cake Wednesdays back at the office or grab a cold one from the drinks trolley stopping at your desk on a Friday afternoon.


Located in between Shoreditch High Street and Old Street, Padella has a perfect mix of creative and corporate vibes offering a top range of fresh hand-rolled pasta.

This industrial-chic restaurant is the brainchild of two founders Tim and Jordan. Inspired by their trips to various regions in Italy, the pair always dreamed of opening up a pasta bar where people can enjoy great food, without having to spend a fortune in a snobby high-end restaurant.

Padella seamlessly creates a chilled cultural atmosphere, partnered with quick and personal service, and of course - great food. These guys may have just found a secret to feeding your stomach and your soul at the same time - a must try!

Look Mum No Hands!

We all have those days when it feels like your lunch break is dedicated to just about anything but relaxing and getting some food. Imagine you only have an hour and have to get your bike tire fixed as well as grab a sandwich… Look no further, the guys at Look Mum No Hands have got you!

This cafe/bar/bicycle workshop concept offers it all for cyclists, bike lovers, or just fun people who love creative and urban spaces. LMNH is one of the first 'cycle cafes' out there and has really put London’s cycling culture on the map.

Enjoy great coffee and fresh food while your puncture is getting repaired - what a treat! Oh, and did we mention their extensive events and workshops programme? LMNH are not wasting time reinventing the wheel, they are too busy creating a buzzing community of wheels and we are all for it!

Shoreditch Grind

One of the first places you should visit when in Old Street is without a doubt Shoreditch Grind. This location is where it all started for Grind, which over 10 years has become a cult coffee brand all across London. What started as a coffee shop has grown to a brand concept that incorporates it all: espresso bars, cocktail bars, and restaurants. 

This branch, sitting right on Old Street Roundabout, is a special one as it is the original Grind. Channelling Shoreditch vibes, Grind is now not only an espresso & cocktail bar and restaurant, but it is also an international-grade recording studio. 

Sex Coffee and Rock & Roll if they say so themselves! 

Nusa Kitchen

What if someone told you that you can have a bowl of colour, culture, warm memories, and exotic vibes for lunch? Well, they wouldn’t be lying as that's probably the most accurate way to describe the soups at Nusa Kitchen

Nusa was first opened back in 2004 by the founder Patou, head chef, and the heart of the business up until this day. Opening a soup shop was Patou’s childhood dream and the passion shines through her amazing recipes. Nusa offers a great selection of nutritious soups inspired by the flavours of East Asia. The menu changes weekly, so theres no excuse not to keep coming back! 

Trade Made Old Street

The way we are enjoying food is transforming as we search for more nutritious options and unique places, so even if you are just going to have a sandwich - do it right!

‘Trading in all things flavoursome’ TRADE Old Street is an indie cafe specialising in deli-style sandwiches. They're made with locally baked artisan bread and you choose from a huge variety of fillings. They are famous for their home-cured pastrami that comes from their own smokery as well as many other fresh products sourced from local farmers to cater to any taste and dietary requirements. 

Not everyone knows this but TRADE also offers event and office catering, making your life so much easier and tastier on those long strategy days.

If you're looking for a better lunch in Old Street then make sure to check out these spots. You'll be impressed, promise.

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