18 Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW

London Bridge Meeting Room | Runway East

About this space

Not only do we value great quality meeting rooms at Runway East, but we also make sure that there is an option for every budget!

Situated right in the heart of London Bridge, our spaces at Runway East are both in a good location and super affordable.

Hire the Skywalker room from just £60 per hour. Between 6 people that's only a tenner each!

The room is equipped with all of the TV and AV facilities that you need for a presentation or elaborate meeting.

If you don't fancy using the tech in the room then feel free to do it the old school way with a whiteboard and good old pen and paper brainstorming.

Whether it's a wet Wedneday or a scorching Friday afternoon, our rooms are available to hire come rain or shine.

Haven't had the chance to visit our London Bridge site yet? Book a tour with us and see what the buzz at Runway East is all about!


Super-fast WiFi
Super-fast WiFi
TV with HDMI
TV with HDMI