Case Study: Bunk
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Case Study: Bunk

Runway East

17th August 2021

About Bunk

Industry: Software

Team size: 11-20

Runway East Location: Bristol Bridge

Bunk are on a mission to fix the broken lettings process. Founded in 2017, their property management platform allows managers to find tenants, reduce voids and increase profits.

The Bunk team

What do you love about Runway East?

The Bristol Bridge location is INSANE. This is probably the best location to have an office in the whole of Bristol. The fact that we’re right on the river is just amazing. I genuinely think it’s the most fun place to work in the city.

Runway create a real buzz around their members, and the atmosphere feels very work hard, play hard. Being able to meet like minded people who work in similar ways is so important.

The community team is a big big part of what makes Runway different. How they run that community massively helps our team’s wellbeing.

The Bristol Bridge location is INSANE.

Not worrying about office logistics and “faff” is great. I like to concentrate on running my business, not worrying about the space for my business. It’s great that I know that’s all taken care of. The same goes for flexibility. Not needing to worry about how we can scale up (or down) is really important to us.

Any examples of real value we’ve created for you?

Runway East massively amplifies your company culture. At Bunk, we’re lucky enough to have a great team and culture, but for companies that struggle with this, RWE can basically help create one for you.

I’ve met so many cool and creative people here. The community vibe is great and being here has certainly made hiring easier – it’s a big appeal.

Networking with other members is generally really valuable. One example: I introduced my brother to another member and he got a job with them! So that’s nice.

Hybrid, all in or all remote?

At the moment a few of us are entirely remote and the rest are in the office, so hybrid. I personally like an office and having people in it. I might need to adapt as obviously the most important thing is to get the right talent. But I’ll always want a centralised HQ office that we can scale out of.

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