Case Study: Iternal
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Case Study: Iternal

Runway East

16th September 2021

About Iternal

Industry: Software

Team size: 1-10

Runway East Location: Bristol Bridge

Iternal is a platform that helps you save, organise and preserve the special moments of your life.

Paul Wiseall, Co-founder of Iternal

What do you like about Runway East?

Social bonding is so important when you’re growing a team and Runway East is genuinely the best place for that. On site, it feels like you’re part of a much bigger team and you can meet people so easily.

Even things like the in-house Slack community had so much value, bouncing ideas of other people from different businesses. It’s great.

I love the Runway team. They’re just great people.

Any examples of real value we've created for you?

We’ve met potential investors, found opportunities, suppliers… there’s a proper little cabal of like minded people! It’s such a good ecosystem.

Hybrid, all in or all remote?

Well Covid has forced us to work remotely, and we’ve proved to ourselves that we can do it! But I firmly believe that the best ideas come out when a few of us are sitting together grabbing a coffee.

Having a strong office base is really important to us, and for some in the team, having a nice destination to work at is such a valuable escape from constant home working.

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